Kitchen, one of the most important and busiest area in every house. A place where mother prepare delicious food for all family members and get dining together. In this modern era, the function of the kitchen become more variations. Not only for cooking area, but also to become a place to say welcome for guest, smooth discus in the night or become the symbolize of the “home fashion style”. For that reason, some people need to decorate their kitchen as beautiful as possible.

About kitchenidease.com

www.kitchenidease.com was launched in 11 December 2011 and become weblog/wesite dedicated to covering and sharing anything about kitchen design ideas and many interesting tips. The primary focus is to give you inspiration to make your kitchen more comfortable to cooking, organized and healthy using high quality design from word class architect. We believe that good kitchen design is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in your home.


Oliver Kane (Founder of Kitchenidease.com) is the leader and successor behind Kitchenidease name. Kane just started Kitchenidease in 2011 with a simple blog in the first and using a little dream to build a website that would feature inspiring high quality kitchen design ideas. He is smart people with many skills in writing high quality content as journalist.

kitchenidease.com is not only give you text and pictures, but also give you something more and unforgettable memories.

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