Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets


It is not a kitchen if it is not completed with kitchen cabinetry and other specific furniture. Kitchen cabinetry is useful to reflect the kitchen style or layout. We know that kitchen style or layout comes several types. They are galley, U, L, and C letter shape, narrow or parallel, and single wall for space saving style. Cabinetry for kitchen comes in various materials including timber and metal. They have different accent to create such as bamboo kitchen cabinets for elegant and natural kitchen look.

Bamboo is one of timber or wood material. Of course the cabinetry is made of bamboo. But it will not look like cottage with bamboo sticks arranged vertically to become the cabinet base or shape. The bamboo kitchen cabinets are designed as well as other wooden cabinetry in the kitchen. It divided into two parts namely base and wall cabinetry. The base cabinetry is commonly located on the floor. It is used as countertop or kitchen appliance frame. The wall cabinetry is typically mounted on the wall behind the other cabinetry.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Advantages

Bamboo Kitchen CabinetsBamboo kitchen cabinets actually have similar designs and features as well as other wooden kitchen cabinetry. The differences are only located on the texture and surface of the cabinetry. Bamboo cabinetry has more natural look with glossy accent on the surface of the board. It looks more stylish with natural bamboo color application. Without any brighter or vibrant color paint, bamboo cabinetry is still elegant. It is because it has special characteristic of the bamboo material look. This characteristic involves unique brighter vertical or horizontal stripes on the entire part of board.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets IdeasWith this unique design, bamboo kitchen cabinets have more advantages than common wooden cabinetry for kitchen. Bamboo cabinetry is good to represent natural and luxury kitchen look. With bamboo material, this kitchen cabinetry always can be suitable for any kitchen color scheme including bright and dark. In addition, bamboo kitchen cabinetry is available for solid laminate application on the cabinet counter. Material combination becomes great alternative to beautify the kitchen interior decoration.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Style

Following the latest trend of kitchen interior decor idea, bamboo kitchen cabinets come in various styles and models. As we know before, kitchen cabinetry commonly divided into two parts namely wall and base cabinetry. Those cabinetry are arranged to form specific kitchen style such as L, U, or narrow kitchen style. All of the kitchen style must have triangle work to support the effectiveness of kitchen function. This triangle work involves three important areas in the kitchen such as cooking, cleaning and storage area.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets DesignBamboo kitchen cabinetry comes to complete your elegant kitchen interior decor. It is available in various designs with material combination such as glass for modern look. The glass application is typically located on the wall cabinetry for the sliding cabinet door. Other material is metal which typically installed on the counter or main kitchen appliances as like stoves, oven, microwave, smokestack, and many more. To make the bamboo kitchen cabinets look durable and expensive, don’t forget to apply wood stain or primer.

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