Best Retro Kitchen Design Ideas 2012


Best retro kitchen 2012 is our newest topic today which inspires the home owner to create their classic kitchen as kitchen in the past time. But our best retro 2012 offering new kitchen design with modern furniture which reflect elegant nuance in the kitchen. The tools material such as for cabinet, kitchen table, and chairs are made by wood. And the walls color will be dominated by brown or soil color.

the best retro kitchen design with bar dining tableFirst interior design of best retro kitchen 2012 with bar dining table with ceramic on the top surface set in the middle of the kitchen. This dining table is more alike a light brown long preparation table with four dark brown circle chairs. On the surface of this table, there is a crane and couple of stove which becomes a basic thing must be found in the kitchen. This table usually used to snack, prepare the ingredients, cooking, or just for short talking in the kitchen. The kitchen which is formed like U letter with windows in one side is dominated with brown color. Brown and brick red stone tiles are set on the upper half of a wall in the kitchen. And on the lower half of a wall, a set of long wooden cabinet with ceramic on the top surface is set. On the middle of the cabinet, a crane is set to make the owners easy to wash their vegetables, fruits, dirty dishes, or any home applicant.

best retro kitchen design 2012 using sink ceramic puzzle ideasSecond best retro kitchen 2012 which can be inspiration is a dry kitchen with ceramic puzzle on its cabinet. Dry kitchen is usually found in wider house which has two kitchens in it. A kitchen which is wider than the other is used to cooking activity, while the other smaller kitchen is usually used to keep snacks and simple drink. So it is unsurprisingly if this smaller kitchen always looks clean and tidy with a few applicant and furniture in it. There are only two wooden cabinets in this kitchen; one of them has couple of stove on the surface of cabinet, and the other is preparation table with a faucet and a glass vase of red dry flower on it to make it chic. There is a big wooden circle dining table in the corner. To complete the retro design, three hanging lamps are set above the preparation table.

best retro kitchen ideas 2012 comes with stainless steel wallThe third is best retro kitchen 2012 interior design with stainless steel wall and cabinet. This retro kitchen is still use wooden material to its furniture, the stainless steel part is only patched on the cabinet door and a little part of wall. This stainless steel can create futuristic accent in the kitchen. The walls color of the kitchen is pale light brown, two wooden cabinets using black and others cabinets use white color. Small dining table with two chairs make the kitchen looks simpler.

best retro kitchen decor 2012 with smoke absorbing funnel above the stoveThe next kitchen design is a kitchen with smoke absorbing funnel above the stove. This funnel is commonly found in the past, this funnel is compatible with best retro kitchen 2012 theme. The entire of the kitchen are covered by wood even its floor and all of the cabinets in the kitchen. The walls color of the kitchen is white with tree white square windows set on it rarely. The preparation table is located between stove cabinet and stainless steel dining table with four black chairs.

The best retro kitchen decorating ideas using brown furniture and cream tableThe last best retro kitchen 2012 will be described is a kitchen which is formed like O letter. This kitchen interior looks classic than the others with unique dining table which is formed like archer’s bow completed with set of table manner on it with tree wooden motif chairs around it. All of the cabinets are made by wood with pale brown color. The faucet which is set on the dining table is colored by dark brown paint color.

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