Butcher Block Countertop


House and kitchen is inseparable when it related with standard home design ideas. As heart of living space, kitchen becomes perfect area to produce food for power gaining and to interact with family members in the same place. Kitchen comes in various designs and styles. Various kitchen interior decor ideas are available to apply suiting the whole home interior decor ideas. Main furniture and appliances are essential to complete the kitchen interior decor so that this cooking area becomes functional. Butcher block countertop is one of kitchen furniture which should be installed in the kitchen.

Butcher block countertop is essential to give you special area to prepare any dairy ingredient especially meat, pork, and chicken. We know that countertop is kind of important kitchen furniture besides cabinet. Countertop is typically designed for preparation area. It is commonly located in the middle of kitchen with under-mount sink and stools surrounding the external side of it for breakfast spot. Well, that is general description about kitchen countertop for preparation area. This description is quite similar with butcher countertop.

Butcher Block Countertop General Design and Function

Butcher Block CountertopWe have got general description about kitchen countertop that typically used as preparation area in the kitchen center. Now, let’s turn into butcher block countertop. Butcher countertop is quite different with the design of the kitchen countertop. The function is similar that is for preparation area. Well, this preparation area is specifically designed for dairy preparation including meat, pork, lamb and chicken. Since it is only for dairy preparation, the countertop is typically not large enough as like kitchen countertop. It is actually only as small as cleaning area in the kitchen with double sink built on the counter.

The design of butcher block countertop is actually similar like other kitchen cabinet counter. No wonder that it is commonly located between the base cabinets especially near the cleaning area to ease the dairy cleaning. Since it is similar with other cabinet in the kitchen, the most popular stuff that can sign this area as a butcher block in the kitchen is knife holder. Every butcher block must have knife holder stored under the counter or just placed well on the counter for efficiency of the butcher block function. Sometimes, for certain kitchen interior decor ideas, this butcher block counter is decorated with metal rack for knife storage installed on the backsplash.

Butcher Block Countertop Design for Elegant Kitchen

Maple Butcher Block CountertopWe know that kitchen comes in various models and designs especially for interior decor. As like the kitchen which is available in various decor ideas, the butcher block countertop is available in various colors and designs ideas. In addition, it is such simple thing to decide since the butcher block is applied between the cabinetry. No wonder that many people prefer to install the same design between the butcher and the cabinetry. Commonly wood becomes main material which is utilized to make the cabinetry in the kitchen including the butcher. Solid laminate such as granite, metal, and marble can give such elegant accent for the butcher block countertop.

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