Butcher Block Kitchen Islands


Having butcher block kitchen islands with high quality materials can be a good investment later on. However, how good your islands are if you do not maintain those well, those will be dull and broken. Do you want your block islands to be like that? All people must agree to say no of course. That is the reason why you need to maintain those well. In addition, you often use the tops to cut and chop chicken, turkey, meat, lamp, or pork. In doing that, you must use a sharp knife. It means the top of the islands are scratched and easily dull. Here are some tips how to maintain your block kitchen islands so that you can make it a good investment when you decide to move out and sell the house.

Maintaining the islands before using

To make butcher block kitchen islands still look great over time, you need to maintain it regularly. The most important time to implement it is after cooking. You have to clean the butcher block after using it. To get easier in cleaning the block after you cook in the kitchen and use it, applying mineral oil substantially to the entire block with a soft and clean rug is a good start. You should make sure that the oil you have applied sinks in. After applying the oil, you can use the block and clean it in ease.Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

You have to do it repeatedly until the surface absorbs the oil well. Then, you have to wait for awhile. After that, you should wipe the oil that have absorbed in the sinks using a clean and wet cloth. Before using the butcher block kitchen islands to cut or chop something, you have to let the top dry first. You are able to prepare other ingredients while you are waiting for the block. You can clean the vegetables or boil the water that you are going to use for the meat in that time.

Maintaining after using

Butcher Block Kitchen Islands IdeasAfter all dried, you can use the block to cut the meat. Then, cook all to be a delicious dish. If you have finished in cooking, what you have to do next is removing whole particles of food on the board. For the next step is washing the surface using a clean and fresh sponge. Apply mild soapy water to make smelly kicked out. You have to scrub flippantly if it is necessary to diminish food that is stuck on the block. After that, you have to rinse it using a clean cloth or sponge. Disinfectant is significant to apply as well. In using it, you do not need to use chemical things. You can use a light vinegar solution and water. After you make the solution, what you have to do next is wiping down the block. Then, let it dry entirely. You should wait for some time of course. And, you have to keep away the butcher block kitchen islands from water to make the mission accomplished.

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