Classic Kitchen Cabinet Idea By Ala Cucine


Ala Cucine is specialist in designing beautiful home interior. Made simple but has a flexible design suitable for use in classical or modern kitchen style. Sometimes ago they’re launch new classic kitchen cabinet. The new collection comes with different classic colors; This will bring us into the kitchen where our grandmother finished cooking a delicious cookies. But you will not find a furnace ground, old grill or a noisy sound of manual wheat grinder. This kitchen built-in modern style using quality design and manufacture. All kitchen appliance neatly packed in a rural kitchen: built-in modern stoves, microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerator etc.

Using the area standard classic kitchen cabinet create a perfect combination between modern & classic theme; the architect equipped a sensible unit usually used in fashionable styles, but Ala Cucine presented kitchen cabinet in a very old ideas for match with the dominant ancient nuance from the whole design.

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Idea By Ala Cucine-108
Ala Cucine build perfectly a contemporary moment create in two different models where he provided standing island in the middle from the classic kitchen cabinet: as seen on the pictures, the region is massive since the kitchen larger using placement a sink along with a stove additionally the counter top for cooking, furthermore it provides big storage. Look at how beautiful the refrigerator is designed like a wooden cabinet. Small standing island in the middle provides more storage space need by a deep cabinet built-in shelves on the body also perfect component for dining table or preparing food.

Kitchens are built from high quality of pine, all parts are equipped by many practical cabinets and useful decorations. Old brown are dominate by coloring the storage, refrigerator door and standing island, so the kitchen look very old and these are bringing the nuance from the 70′s. Cream color for the wall and dark green are bordering the ceiling.

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