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Well, the design of kitchen in trend by now is the contemporary kitchen design. The first thing that makes different of contemporary kitchen compared to the ordinary one is it’s clean lines and minimalist feel. Although some people equate contemporary with cold, it does not have to be so. “Cool” materials such as glass and steel used in a contemporary kitchen design can be “warmed” up by the strategic use of accessories or color. The main focus in designing contemporary kitchen is combining the glossy and warmth color. As we know if the modern kitchen usually use metal and glass materials for the furniture and here are some components that built contemporary kitchen :

Glass, can be incorporated into contemporary kitchen design through windows, lighting, shelving or toppers for an island, is an important key that lead a kitchen to a minimalist design. Cabinetry can also have glass doors which provide a visual of the china inside. Glass accessories can include teapots, vases or spice racks.
Contemporary Kitchen Faucets
Metal, specified to stainless steel, because it is the most common and popular metal used in the kitchen. It is most common used in appliance such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. The use of stainless steel gives an urban feel to a kitchen. Metals such as copper can also be used, but impart more of a country feel.
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Wood, which can be used for flooring, kitchen cabinetry or island countertops. Wood gives a green contemporary feeling to the kitchen. Darker woods such as cherry or maple can warm up the feel of an otherwise stark design. Lighter woods such as oak or ash advance the minimalist feel
Contemporary Kitchen Decor
Lighting, is the most important thing in the kitchen. The right lighting in the kitchen will boost the homey and comfortable feeling. And of course adds more passion of cooking to everyone who cook on the kitchen. Many contemporary designs incorporate recessed lighting into ceilings and underneath cabinets. If however, you don’t’ like recessed lighting, track lighting or fixtures made of metal or glass can also impart a contemporary feel.
Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash
Marble and granite are usually used for countertops but fit well within contemporary kitchen design. They both are cool to the touch, allow for sharp clean lines and depending on the color and design chosen really impart a big city feel to your kitchen, and give some freshness feeling in the kitchen. Also, they are easy to clean and need less maintenance. But of course you still have to clean it everyday, although if there are some stain there, it won’t be very noticeable.
Contemporary Kitchen Chairs
Color, it is as important as lighting. When you put an appropriate color on your kitchen, it will be beautiful and somehow add some comfortness and happy feeling. As part of the minimalist design ethic of a contemporary kitchen, “cool” colors are usually used. “Cool” colors are those that come to mind when you think of a metropolitan city such as New York; blues, greens, gray, silver and even black and white. Using these colors in your kitchen invokes a modern feel. If you wish to add a pop of color, consider reds, yellows, or even complementary colors such as lavender.

Those are the main components that built contemporary kitchen design. Besides, backsplash, cabinetry design, appliances and accessories are also take part of it. A great contemporary kitchen design occurs when the ten elements that built it placed and decided in tune, harmonious each other.

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