Cottage Style Kitchen


Cottage style kitchen seems to be stylish choice to decorate home kitchen ideas with classic and traditional accent applied at the same time. Well, let’s back into the basic function of the kitchen. Everyone knows that kitchen is the heart of living space where we spend little time to produce dish to gain daily power by eating them. This cooking area comes in various models and design styles. No wonder that every home kitchen has different style and decor concept.

Cottage style kitchen is one of popular kitchen interior decor ideas which typically decorate for villa or even cottage. But nowadays, this kind of kitchen interior decor is also available for home kitchen wherever the location is it. As like other kitchen interior decor style, cottage kitchen style has special characteristic to help you apply appropriate decoration in cottage style. And this article will give you general characteristic of cottage kitchen decorating concept for your inspiration.

Wall and Flooring of Cottage Style Kitchen

Cottage Style KitchenCottage is identical with palm roof, bamboo, and other wooden furniture application. This characteristic is also available in cottage style kitchen. With beach interior decor style completed with large cottage window style, the cottage kitchen always offers unique and exotic accent in the entire room decorating. In this modern era, the cottage kitchen is designed more stylish with more modern decorating concept. Tiles become more popular in this beach house wall decor and floor rather than concrete flooring and paint color on the wall.

Subway tiles are the best tile design which is perfect to suit the latest wall decor ideas for clean cottage style kitchen. Well, this subway tile has similar design as like brick wall but it is designed in glossy white color as like ceramic tiles in rectangular shape. Generally, the subway tile comes in one size so that it will look suitable for any home interior space since white becomes base color on this stylish tile. Other alternative for the cottage kitchen wall is wood plank concept. Well, cottage is always identical with wood such as furniture and even the entire room part.

The wood plank may come in various styles and sizes depend on your desire. In addition, this wood plank wall decor for cottage style kitchen is available in various paint color. And white becomes the most popular cottage kitchen color scheme representing clean, bright, and classic cooking area. And another concept of wall decor idea for the cottage kitchen is common paint color.

Furniture for Cottage Style Kitchen

As other room in the house, kitchen can not be separated from furniture to make the room is functional. Once we have known the ideas of cottage kitchen wall decor, we should complete it with correct furniture. The cottage kitchen furniture is typically made of wood with various accent of wood detail to suit the cottage accent. If you prefer to apply solid paint color on the entire kitchen wall, try to emphasize the cottage style kitchen on the furniture. You can add wood plank or scratches accent on the cabinet panel or even on the wood laminate countertop.

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