Counter Height Kitchen Tables


There are too many topics which come from important room area in the house as production area called kitchen. It may be furniture and appliance, space problem, interior decoration style, and decorative ideas to beautify this cooking room. Kitchen comes in various styles following the kitchen space and condition. Furniture and appliance are important to support the arrangement of kitchen layout. They even have main duty to shape specific kitchen style such as galley, parallel, and letter shaped kitchen. As like dining table and Island, counter height kitchen tables may have similar duty as serving furniture.

Kitchen table is actually also popular as dining table in dining room. Sometimes it is located in the kitchen which is designed as shared room for kitchen and dining room area. General design of dining table is rectangular, square, or round with legs and some chairs surrounding it. The dimension of the table is chosen based on the room space. The dimension of the table seems to be perfectly suitable with the chairs dimension such as the height. Well, that is general explanation of standard kitchen table. Now, how are about the counter height kitchen tables?Counter Height Kitchen Tables

Counter Height Kitchen Tables Characteristic

Comparing the standard dining table, counter height kitchen tables are intentionally designed with higher height measurement of the table counter. No wonder that the table will look higher than the standard kitchen table design.

Counter Height Kitchen Tables 4Of course with this higher counter table height, the chairs will also be designed with higher legs to fit the table dimension. Basically, the design of the counter height dining table is the same as standard kitchen table completed with the chairs.

Following various styles of kitchen interior decor, counter height kitchen tables come with different accent to suit those kitchen decor ideas. For classic kitchen interior style, there are many options of kitchen table designs. Wood becomes basic material which commonly utilized on the kitchen table designing. Reclaimed elliptical counter height dining table looks elegant with natural detail of wood on the table top. Modern counter height table looks more minimalist with thinner board for counter and slimmer legs with certain dimension concept.

Application of Counter Height Kitchen Tables

Applying furniture and appliance in the kitchen must need basic rule in order to they are suitable to place in the cooking area. Kitchen and dining room area come in different dimension of space. So that’s why we need to measure the space of room area so that we can choose appropriate dimension for the counter height kitchen tables. Generally, kitchen area divided into three size options including tiny, medium, and large.

For tiny kitchen space, space saving furniture seems to be better than furniture with standard design and dimension. Round or square kitchen table with two chairs look perfect to suit the small kitchen area space condition. For medium and larger kitchen area, larger counter height kitchen tables will work effectively to accommodate more persons at once. The models and styles of this kind of height dining table are available in many concepts including Japanese, Western, Countryside, Retro, and Contemporary.

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