Country Kitchen Curtains


If you adore with country style, you can try to use country kitchen curtains to complete the ambience of it. Curtains that you can use are various. The varieties come in sizes and patterns. If you are interested in applying this idea, you need to choose the size that fits your kitchen window. The sizes cover the width and length of it. For the patterns, there are flowery, rooster, and many more. In picking the curtain based on the pattern, choose one that the color is in line with colors of other elements set in the kitchen.

Besides sizes and patterns, the varieties are also defined from the materials such as cotton, sheer translucent, polyester, and lace. If you are interested in applying heavy materials for your country kitchen curtains, heavy cotton wave is recommended. Looking from the needs of curtains in the market that is always rising up, this article tries to dig out the topic more by bringing some fresh ideas to apply.

Rooster Curtains by United Curtain

Country Kitchen Curtains 1One of country kitchen curtains that you can choose is United Curtain collection. For instance is a rooster curtain. As we know, rooster is truly identical with country kitchen. Looking at the patterns and colors applied in this curtain, you will be attracted. You can start your day in the morning with the bright. Jolly rooster image in the curtain will be so adorable and sweet for you. The roster which consists of green plants, an adult rooster, and some baby chicks will rock your kitchen specially. The size of it is 60” x 36”. For the material, it is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. You can buy it online through Amazon.

Country Garden Style

Country Kitchen CurtainsBesides rooster, you can choose flowery patterns with country garden style. The curtains are really stunning for your culinary space that is applied with country touch. The color is really cheerful. The basic one is white as well. Then, there are some images of garden flowers there. Its style is simple but elegant. This curtain is made of cotton. You will get easier in washing the curtain as well. It is such as good idea for your country kitchen curtains.

Scrolling Leaf Tier Curtains

Country Kitchen Curtains 2Leafy patterns are also magnificent to be set as country kitchen curtains. With its white as a basic color, the curtain will be easily blended with any color of your kitchen walls. The patterns are so tiny and small. For that reason, those will not destruct the beauty of your colorful wall which is not green. Delicate, sweet, and dainty impressions are clearly seen here because of this scrolling leaf curtain. Scalloped hems with embroidery at the bottom part of the curtain will make it more charming.

Red and White Plaids

Country Kitchen Curtains 3If you are good fans of Tuscan buffalo style, red and white plaids will be so adorable for your kitchen. It will bring purity and also bravery atmosphere in your entire kitchen. White is such a kind of neutral color. To make the white livelier and more gorgeous, red is a good thing to choose. That style is timeless as well. You do not need to worry whether it is a good style for country kitchen curtains or not because the answer is absolutely yes.

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