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With its relaxed, country living kitchens invite people over a cup of coffee on the stove to cook, relax or enjoy them for a bowl of homemade chili. Country kitchen decor can be as eclectic. Like the wrong plates on the table, this room is a piece built on a time and often looks like this. But overall, these pieces are to work in a charming environment, with a total beauty is greater than the sum of its parts to create.

Country living kitchens are spacious and bright. Achieving an attractive blue field kitchen is as simple as choosing accent colors like white or yellow. Decide if you want a rustic or modern and wants to be ready to create your country kitchen blue.Country Living Kitchen Ideas

Wall treatments

Cornflower blue or dust is a good choice for a country living kitchen, because there is a slight feeling, no matter what time of day. Another possibility would be to obtain a light yellow or white for use on the walls and the blue to talk about other aspects of the room rent. If you have a large open space of the wall, wallpaper look with a French provincial blue and white pattern and blue eyes and white checkered. Paint the walls white for other whites in the wallpaper. Use blue and white tiles in a backsplash above the stove to create and drop zones. Establish an open space of the wall shelves. Please fill out the useful blue barrels and containers. Enter a collection of blue and white porcelain, or teapots. Cobalt blue glassware would be a nice wall display. A series of picture frames in various shades of blue on a board, add a touch of blue in the room.

The cabinets and moldings

Country Living Kitchen DesignsFor a country look older, you can give the cabinets a distressed finish or crackle. Peeling paint makes them look used are loved look. For a fresh look at painting, you know, closets, or blue, depending wall color you choose – do not want much the same color. Add dark blue cover for a strong accent. Use white knobs and handles of the cabinets and drawers blue and vice versa.


Country living kitchen are spacious and bright. Use a minimum of window coverings such as curtains brown blue and white patterns or blue and yellow. Shades that can be left during the day are a good choice. A wheel at the top may have been necessary if the material is correctly selected. The curtain may be with the upholstery of the chairs and table cloths or complementary. If the walls are solid color instead of a pattern, add a little interest with stripes or prints on fabric choices. Vases, pitchers, condiment holders are good places to add blue accents around the room.

Small Country Living Kitchen Decor IdeasTea towels, tablecloths and pot holders are more opportunities to introduce color. The blue and white porcelain are easy to find at flea markets and antique shops to add a charming country living kitchen. Decorative panels of a group of the configuration of the wall or place on the table were a nice gesture shows.

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