Craftsman Style Kitchen


Although you like the craftsman style kitchen, you can take a turn at the same time modern style today. The use of handmade wood and natural elements remains a powerful idea, but the kitchen is now used for most of the food preparation. This is necessary to absorb the old style with modern comfort.

The Craftsman movement dates from the late 19th century until the beginning of the 20th. Artisan designers rebelled against mixing rooms very covered and machine-made furniture found in Victorian homes. Resulting kitchens were open, sunny rooms with simple furniture classic handmade and modern-looking equipment.Craftsman Kitchen Design Ideas

The craftsman kitchen concepts

The Craftsman kitchen, Gustav Stickley said, should be based on the colonial kitchen as the heart of the house. He wrote at a time when many great houses of middle-class employees were members of the family. Craftsman style is a great value in the areas and functions that can be easily cleaned. The “kitchen plumbing” contains many elements familiar to the housewives of today, many closets, storage space and appliances. Open pipes also famous and concrete floors, details that only a very purist.

Adaptation of the craftsman style for the kitchen

You can incorporate elements of modern craftsman style kitchen, without complying with the more prosaic details. Existing homes are not usually hired servant, but the use of the whole family and often invited into the kitchen. Many homeowners prefer modern islands in the center to prepare breakfast, informal and quick-an element not in the kitchen of the artisan. Quarter-sawn oak cabinets and custom cabinets can be expensive, but many of the forests cheap double and mass-produced materials, the spirit of the original are available, combines a historically accurate style with modern homes.


Modern Craftsman Style Kitchen DecorExtend your space on the boards of banks or a dining chair by the window, both for information relevant to the time – with flip-top. Add glass doors with styles to reflect the craftsman-style windows in upper cabinets. Add chair rails and wainscoting, plain or painted. Although the cabinets are expensive, prefabricated cabinets in the modern period appropriate for oak and cherry are available. Islands of the same fabric and simple modernization craftsman style of the card. Although cement and linoleum material when the dial are narrow, wide or random pine floors and oak are also used, and are definitely softer on the feet.

Other materials

Replace windows with energy efficient three-or six-on-a-muffler or light window to open the tape surrounded with a central rectangular window through the glass panel. Fill the glass front speaker’s heredity dishes and handmade pottery. Instead of curtains, valences, the use of linen material with simple motifs based on nature, such as privacy is important to use wood blinds. Craftsman Kitchen CabinetsArts and crafts wallpaper reproductions can be expensive, but the patterns in templates from the edges and details are copied to semi-gloss paint Scrubbable reasonable and less expensive. Zinc or copper range hoods and lighting reproduction and elegant. Drawer and cabinet hardware or brass finish reflects the level of iron, handmade crafts style. Soapstone countertops, quartz or marble and tile backsplashes crafted to adhere to clean surfaces to the line of artisan easy. That’s a simple steps to making craftsman style kitchen in modern one.

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