Cream Kitchen Cabinets


Paint on the dark kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be a hot cream in a room without being too pristine and clear light. The color goes well with so many nuances that it was a natural choice for remediation projects. A painting of success, especially when you think of a dark to a cream kitchen cabinets that require additional preparation work. This is most of the work, but absolutely necessary. Take the time to do things right and lockers will be a hard, everyday wear that can withstand even the busiest kitchen.

If you have a country kitchen or a retro style kitchen, the cream is fresh and delicious cuisine in one. It is often used in kitchen cabinets and walls. It is a great alternative to plain white plates, and is increasing the rent. If the colors in your kitchen are red, yellow or blue to use, add the cream in a neutral tone that enhances the color.Cream Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

  • Determine if the cabinets are oil-based or lead-based latex or surface. Enjoy a cotton ball in ammonia and hold it with a bandage on the face of the housing. Remove the cotton ball after an hour. If the color is folded is finished latex. If there is a smooth oil-based.
  • Buy a latex-based sealant and units with a latex finish. Buy an oil based sealer and primer for cabinets with oil-based finish.
  • Remove the doors, drawers, cabinets and all hardware. Make sure the hardware store for later restoration.
  • Clean the surface of the cabinets, drawers and doors with a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits. If the surface is still dirty, wash clothes and wash with paint thinner.
  • Remove any remaining of turpentine with a clean cloth or rag soaked in equal parts ammonia and water. Allow the surface for 30 minutes before the primer to dry.
  • Enter the first case with a foam roller for lack of texture dry and leave surfaces thoroughly before applying a second coat of primer or paint. When looking through much of the original color of the primer, apply a second coat and let dry completely.
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  • Mix the paint with a paint shaker. Using a foam roller to apply untextured surfaces, a layer of latex paints. The Ironing service lines with synthetic bristles. Do not forget to paint both sides of the cabinet doors. Let the paint dry.
  • Apply two additional layers of paint with the same technique. Allow final coat to dry before turning it on at night. The color may be a few days to heal completely, even if it is dry.
  • Replace doors, drawers and hardware have to paint if the paint is dry for at least two days away it was. If it seems still a little sticky, allowing more time to dry, so that doors and drawers do not stay in the front lines. If you are the color when the doors are hung up, touch the brush of an artist and a little bit of latex paint.
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