Dark Kitchen Cabinets


You are looking color for your wardrobe, without replacing the entire cabinet to change? You can use a gel stain on your cabinets, make a beautiful dark kitchen cabinets with it. There are patches of different colors in gel available in your local hardware store. It is important for a small part of patch tests before the entire surface of the housing has. You can save money by painting the cabinets yourself. Replacing cabinets can be expensive and difficult, but old wooden dark kitchen cabinets, your kitchen up to date, and affect both your institution and the rest. If not in your budget to buy new furniture, paint now is your best choice. Along with new hinges and handles, fitted kitchen freshly painted will take to date in just a few days and a very low cost.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets ColorsCreating dark kitchen decor which has dark wood furniture can be a challenge at first sight. However, what is your own style to a room where they enjoy spending time in. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it is important to decorate in a way that makes it comfortable, attractive and, particularly functional for your lifestyle. Choose a color scheme and decor that complements the dark closets.

  • Use the counters in combination with the dark furniture to your color palette and theme. If your renovation or building a kitchen, consider the natural light in the room when you pick up your work surface. For example, light gray or black granite counter, a lighter color in the room, without the exact opposite of the cabinets.
  • Paint the walls a lighter color in the palette of colors and some light, neutral colors like white, cream or beige. Lighter walls prevented the space seem like a dark cave.
  • Add lighting to the room for the night or when the room is well lit by windows or skylights. Under-counter lighting provides a decorative touch, while extremely useful in the preparation of meals if it is dark outside.
  • Put a plant room, the variety of artificial silk, on top of the cabinets to make room for them, an island or somewhere on the counter. Even a small single plant or small potted herbs on the windowsill will work. Brightens the kitchen and brings a bit of “life” that gives warmth to the room.
  • Keep all small appliances that are frequently used as a toaster, blender, coffee at the counter, where it is most convenient. Keep small appliances extras on the desktop or wherever you have room. You must meet all of the larger size if possible. For example, many kitchens with dark cabinets containing a steel black and stainless steel. In this case, ideally toaster black steel or stainless steel, blender and coffee maker.

Run (fake is fine) color or theme in the kitchen with colored tiles, fruit baskets, flowers and small candles. With a few carefully placed decorative accessories to add some personal style to the room. Keep your accessories or bright colors that will not be overshadowed by the dark kitchen cabinets.

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