Dark Kitchen Design Ideas


Dark kitchen design is beautiful. Although many homeowners shy, a dark-colored wall, black is not as bleak as it seems maybe a statement. In combination with white furniture, appliances or colorful interesting artwork on the walls, kitchen walls can be completely black to bright colors to attract even more. Schwarz goes to a neutral color, so there is literally all that, what happens. When the painting is complete, you can give black accent walls of the kitchen in the unlimited possibilities, but always in a dark color on the wall has a little work.

The mood in the kitchen, it is important to feel the whole house. A kitchen may lost value and add heat in a house, and is the center of your entertainingly. If your kitchen is dark and in the absence of natural light, you do not want the time required for healthy and creative dishes prepared to spend to produce. Decorating your own dark kitchen style that inspires your best fork lifted.Dark Kitchen Decor

    • Choose a color scheme. In the treatment of a dark kitchen, is the natural tendency to choose cool colors like blue or green, which make the rooms, seem generally brighter, bigger and more spacious. However, with a dark kitchen, cool colors can have the effect of the room seems cold and uninviting. You select warm colors like shades of red, orange and yellow, the room appears tantalizingly warm and causes. Avoid dark colors like red, with the extent and only in the accessory space closure.
    • When dark floors, which can (within your budget) to earth to change the original dark color the new color scheme you have chosen. Replace tiles or linoleum, if possible, or cover your floor or carpet fixed patterns that complement your new color scheme and illuminate the room.

Small Dark Kitchen Ideas

    • You specify your seating area. If you put on the kitchen table and chair dark wood, the purchase of a set of light wood, or any other bright color that made your choice of color added. Failure to do so at your table and chairs for the purchase of a tablecloth, placemats and seat cushions, which provide rooms, are designed to meet substitute.
    • Take advantage of the natural colors of the room lighter. Add fresh fruit such as bananas, apples and oranges in a bowl of colors in a visible place like the kitchen or at the counter.
    • Paint the cabinets warm colors you have chosen or white. If you have the luxury that cannot to paint the cabinets to dispose of, into consideration which made the doors of the cabinets above the counter, this makes giving openly for colorful selection of dishes.
    • Paint the walls in a lighter color, warm, or install bright, warm colors in the background.

Modern Dark Kitchen Style

  • Increase lighting. Most kitchens are equipped with overhead lighting, table lamps in dark corners to brighten the room addition. If you are within your budget, install track lighting. Consider on-the-counter lighting. Allow you to further your lights in the work of art to highlight the increasing the efficiency of light-to be streaming building through a window.
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