Designing Simple French Country Kitchen


Simple French country kitchen becomes the best option for us when we are going to design a new kitchen set. French country kitchen style offers simple but luxurious/ elegant design of a kitchen. This design will create the sense of aesthetical value within simplicity. Commonly, French country kitchen will play more on the design of kitchen equipment used, color of basic kitchen and equipments used, and also the setting or placement of some equipments of French country kitchen. There are several designs of French country kitchen: open household kitchen, and elegant farmhouse kitchen, a romantic nation kitchen, casual Parisian space kitchen, and a welcoming village type of kitchen. But, in essence, when we are going to design a kitchen set, it must suit with our personal taste.

Generally, most people like simple and modern style of French country kitchen because it gives them satisfaction either seen from functional aspect or aesthetical aspect.

Choosing color for simple French country kitchen

Cream and Brown French Country Kitchen-134Mostly, French country kitchen uses natural color for beautifying the simple design of French Country Kitchen. Brown, for instance, is the most common color which is used to colorize the kitchen set. Natural brown like natural brown of wood color has been favorite color when designing French country kitchen. To be matched with the equipments or anything else on the kitchen, usually the designer will suggest painting the wall of kitchen with similar color. But, it needs to be noticed that pale brown color is so matched with the natural brown which has been applied on the kitchen itself. Another color option of French country kitchen is cream color. It will be nice if the French country kitchen is combined with white color for the wall.

Simple French country kitchen furniture

Simple French Country Kitchen Ideas-135Then, about the furniture used for equipping French country kitchen, they are identical with simple design of furniture. The designer has matched the furniture and the design of kitchen itself. There are so many options of French country kitchen furniture. The furniture consists of French country kitchen island with its various features, French country tables made from wooden materials, country cupboards, French country chairs, country stools, French official tables, benches, French country kitchen cabinets, sideboards and buffets, and many more. The furniture has various features.

Accessories for simple French country kitchen

Homemade French Kitchen Curtains Cafe-136Homemade curtains become main characteristic of French country kitchen. If the kitchen has the window, it is better to install the homemade French curtains as unique accessory of the kitchen. It will be nicer if the window near the French Country kitchen is installed with homemade curtains. Besides homemade curtains, there are other French Country kitchen accessories which are commonly applied for. The accessories usually used are French Decanter. Carafe, Brasserie Tray, Ceramic Duck Terrine, Ceramic Oval Hen Terrine, Ceramic Rabbit Terrine, Coat Rack- 1 Brass Knob, Brass, wrought Iron& wood coat rack, farm fresh cutting board, glass bottle and carrier set, glass salt and pepper set, French bowls, Olive Oil dipping bowls, organic harvest cutting board, retro glass canister set, farmhouse coffee server, white enamel tin pot, wire salad basket, and blue swirl pail.

Simple French country kitchen design ideas

Simple Brown French Country Kitchen Design Ideas-133When we see the picture above, we see how simple but elegant of French country kitchen is. Nice combination between two colors: cream and pale brown colors make the kitchen more alive. Simplicity also can be seen from minimalist furniture and accessories used to equip simple French Country Kitchen.

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