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Triangle work system is very popular in every kitchen interior decorating style. You can say that this triangle system is basic layout arrangement for kitchen no matter what the style and interior decoration is. Triangle work involves three important areas that basically should be installed supporting the function of kitchen. They are including cleaning, cooking, and storage area. The storage area is supporting with the application of storage appliance such refrigerator for ingredients. The cooking area is completed with stove, microwave, oven, and other cooking appliances. The cleaning area is completed with sink, faucet, and draining board no matter what the brand of the sink such as Elkay kitchen sinks.

Elkay is great home and commercial sink provider which offers many models of high quality sink to choose. As like other home furniture and appliance manufacture, Elkay always designs and produces many products following the latest technology and home design development for better function and quality of the products. Elkay kitchen sinks for home application come in several types and versions to choose suiting the kitchen interior decor ideas and function. So that’s why this article will give you general description of the products so that you can choose them by considering the sink model and even dimension. Let’s start it from the sink types for home kitchen.Elkay Kitchen Sinks

Types of Elkay Kitchen Sinks

As like other home furniture in the house, sink actually has much variation of models. They are under-mount, top-mount, apron front, and corner. Under-mount is popular kitchen sinks products which installed in the house. So that’s why you must have ever been seen it somewhere even in your own house.

New Elkay Kitchen Sinks 2012The characteristic of this sink is the installation on the kitchen cabinet. Well, under-mount kitchen sink commonly patented on the base kitchen cabinetry or Island. It is not adjustable which means you have to choose it gently before installing it on the cabinet counter. Under mount kitchen sink come in single and double sink containers depend on the kitchen type and style.

The other Elkay kitchen sinks are top mount sink. Comparing with the under mount kitchen sink, the top mount sink is installed on the kitchen cabinetry counter just like put container on it. It is not patented in the cabinetry, but sometimes to make it stay in the place, people apply strong adhesive to connect the sink bottom and the cabinetry counter. There will be small hole for water plumber and strainer. The next sink type is apron front. It is called apron front because this under mount or top mount sink is designed with front part of sink uncovered by the cabinetry counter.

It means that apron front sink has thicker accent on the front part to display so that it will touch your apron when you wash ingredient or dishes in front of it. The design concept of the apron front sink is actually similar with other Elkay kitchen sinks. Corner kitchen sinks become the last type of the sink in this article. As like its name, corner sink is specifically designed for corner kitchen area. Sometimes, benefiting corner space for functional area is kind of smart idea to save make the kitchen more effective and efficient in space.

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