Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting


Every house must have at least a kitchen as the heart of living space. This room area is really important for every family member who living in. Besides kitchen is used as cooking area to produce any tasty dish, this area also used as favorite place to gather and interact between one to the others. There are three essential areas arranged in the kitchen namely, cooking, cleaning, and storage area. The third areas are inseparable and they need great lighting as working illumination. Fluorescent kitchen lighting is perfect choice as great and modern kitchen lighting.

The fluorescent kitchen lighting is special with its recessed illumination. We know that recessed lighting is commonly installed in the bedroom, but it is actually also available in the kitchen to give such soft and warm accent in this cooking and dining area. Fluorescent Kitchen LightingThe fluorescent lighting comes in various designs and shapes. It may come in pendant, ceiling lamp, or also cabinetry lamp. The characteristic of this recessed lighting is simple. This kind of lamp only offers small degree of illumination for certain area where it is installed. No wonder that kitchen with the fluorescent lighting install more than three lamps to give more illumination in the kitchen.

Ceiling Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting

Ceiling becomes general location where lighting mostly installed to illuminate the whole areas of the room such as in the kitchen. The fluorescent kitchen lighting comes in ceiling lamp version to give great illumination for your working space. It comes in smaller and larger ceiling lamps. The smaller ceiling lamps are the original model of the fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting IdeasIt usually comes in large numbers to arrange and install on the entire part of kitchen ceiling. Ceiling fluorescent kitchen lighting also comes in pendant version with longer cable to give more lighting near the countertop or kitchen table.

The pendant fluorescent kitchen lighting is designed as like common pendant lamp in the kitchen. But generally, the common pendant has cone object to cover the lamp bulb. It is quite different with the pendant fluorescent lamp because the cone and the bulb is combined into one. Even you can say that the cone pendant is lighting as like a big lamp bulb with golden illumination in the kitchen.

Cabinetry Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting

Cabinetry is essential furniture that must be placed in the kitchen. It is important because there are many things that must be stored to make the kitchen looks cleaner, spacious, and elegant at the same time. If you prefer to manage elegant and stylish kitchen interior decor ideas, fluorescent kitchen lighting will be perfect lighting concept for the kitchen especially when it is installed on the cabinetry. The fluorescent lighting is commonly installed under the wall kitchen cabinet. Sometimes, it is also installed in the glass cabinetry on the roof part to give such elegant lighting from inside the cabinet.

Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting FixturesOf course the color of fluorescent lighting is available in several options including golden and white bright for more modern kitchen look. The best thing you can get by installing this cabinetry fluorescent kitchen lighting is variation sense in the kitchen. Besides applying this recessed lighting, you can also install other types of lamp and lighting in the kitchen.

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