French Country Kitcen Cabinets


French country kitchens are cool, colorful and very fashionable. Components like elegant wall designed, comfortable wooden floors and freshly colored, ordinary kitchen cabinets all blended perfectly to create this very stunning kitchen decorating ideas. If you already use another design, and want to remodel your old design to the French kitchen style, there are several thing should be considered.  The best elements to begin your transforming is to redesign your kitchen cabinets with a classical, “old-world” color finish. Using some easy items and simple methods, a French country kitchen is well accessible and could be a smart ways to start your kitchen renovation.

And here we provide some beautiful French country kitchen cabinets to use as a reference to remodel your old kitchen cabinets to the “old” style.

Simple French country kitchen cabinets

Simple French Country Kitcen Cabinets-117The simplest way to get the predicate “French style” for your kitchen. A simple standing cabinet with some chamber as storage spaces. This cabinet types are often modified into mini versatile kitchen. Sink, gas stove, grill and other kitchen appliances can be one in a portable with a little creativity, of course.

Look fresh using white French country kitchen cabinets

White French Country Kitcen Cabinets-118White is a popular color for all kinds of French country kitchen cabinets. This color makes the kitchen looks more wide and clean. Like design on the picture above, wardrobe, standing island, table, wall, ceiling using white color. White color also suitable to combine with all kinds of bright and dark colors. Green and yellow in some of the furniture make the kitchen look more fresh. One color  inspiration for changing the old kitchen cabinet into France kitchen cabinet style.

Black French country kitchen cabinets

Black French Country Kitcen Cabinets-119 Other color options if you don’t like the color white. Black always looks solid, sharp character and is not easily visible dirty. This color also matches combined with other colors, however we recommend that you combine with lighter color because dark colors tend to give the cramped impression in rooms. The standing island designed using a black color in contrast to the surrounding white-dominated livery. Looks very striking. Perfect for accentuating the beauty of a French country kitchen cabinets.

Hanging French country kitchen cabinets for small spaces

Hanging French Country Kitcen Cabinets-120When you have limited space, it takes a little thought to build an ideal French country kitchen. Every furniture should be arranged perfectly  so that no space is wasted including cabinet. Hanging kitchen cabinet is the right solution. You can hang it on the wall or use the iron plates are mounted on the ceiling.

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