French Country Kitchen Cabinets


French country kitchen cabinets can bring a warmth and classic nuance in your house. Elements such as faux finishes for walls, cozy wood floors and freshly painted, distressed kitchen cabinets combine to create this beautiful indoor kitchen. A great place to start renewing your refinishing your kitchen cabinets painted with a perfect climate, “old world”. With a few simple objects and simple techniques, is a French country cooking at its disposal and is a good project to start your kitchen renovation.

French Kitchen Cabinets DesignFrench cottage or chalet style includes elements, natural materials like wood hand carved, glazed clay tiles and rustic colors like soft blue, yellow and terracotta. It is a French-inspired cuisine, infused nature with lots of cabinets, which were the center of the house. Evoking the style of kitchen cabinet colors, either stained, painted or whitewashed.

The establishment of the French kitchen cabinets combines elegance and rusticity. This style is peppered with details of raw materials. The bright walls of a French country kitchen are both attractive and functional. You can get the same look of antique white grout with a color wash technique. Mix some carbon dust at an age of white paint. Alternatively, you can also use other natural pigments such as ocher or red oxide colored paint to create the colors of the traditional French countryside.

Milk Paint

The traditional colors are mixed with local materials such as milk and clay pigments for color. Milk paint has made a comeback, that is safe for the environment without the harmful volatile organic compounds, and because it is made from natural pigments such as ocher, iron oxide and the colors are soft and rich. Cream, butter, rich, blue, yellow, light and traditional ocher paint are examples colors of milk.


French Country Kitchen Cabinets PhotosFrench Provencal style is eclectic and relaxed. If you can not choose between two favorite colors, use both. Paint the box below bright blue or terracotta and wall cabinets or cabinet frame a different color to paint the doors and drawers. Choose complementary colors or two shades of each color for a subtle look. Avoid bright colors or pure white. It does not give you the effect of soft and old French country style.

Witten and liming

If you prefer the grain of nature, to keep your cabinets, consider a cover or bleached oak. With modern stains can be achieved in light oak effect to any type of wood. Sand the cabinets until they are dull and smooth then apply a thin layer of white or light pastel color, point (sometimes sold as oak stain) with a natural bristle brush. Then add it with two coats of satin varnish. For an old and worn effect, apply the stain, rub with a soft cloth. This allows the color in the corners and in the grain of the wood, but leaves most of the wood show through.

Natural wood

New factory gloss finish cabinets meet not rustic, but repainting your cabinets with a satin lacquer finish that will look more authentic. Wood is a common element in every French country kitchen cabinets and bright spots are better suited to other French country decorative items.

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