French Country Kitchen Curtains Style and Ideas


You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a French country kitchen curtainswhich interesting and convenient for cook, prepare also serve delicious food for the family. You need only the imagination about the design of the kitchen you want and a bit of creativity in applying little imagination that you get. There are many paths that could be taken to get a perfect French kitchen design, one of which is to decorate a window with French style kitchen curtains. When talking about French kitchen style, a window is “must have” elements in every kitchen that uses this classic style. Therefore, how we dress the kitchen windows is very influential to our French country kitchen layout looks later. Check this cool French country kitchen curtains for your inspirations to design your own at home.

Cloud style French country kitchen valances

French Country Kitchen Valance Cloud Style-130 French valance with cloud style suitable to mount on medium to large sized windows. The designs are adorned with colorful cloth border at the bottom will make the kitchen look more festive. Animal motifs sprinkled with multicolored flowers look like a farmhouse kitchen. Good selection for minimalist home with small kitchen spaces.

Pink curtains color for instant French country roman shades

Pink Curtains Color for French Country Roman Shades-131

Pink always looks romantic. Likewise on the pink French kitchen curtain above. Atmosphere of “roman shades” will be felt when the kitchen window fitted with this charming accessories. Like examples of the above design. The pink color is combined with soft white design picture. Decorated with trinkets on all sides for a more glamorous looks. Actually, this is a square curtain, but both sides are tied up, making it a new form of fabric that is more artistic.

Larger cloud style French country kitchen valances

French Country Kitchen Valance with Larger Cloud Style-130 Larger cloud type suitable for larger windows or minimalist kitchen. Fewer number of grooves and curvature are not too prominent. Just like the pink curtain design, this larger kitchen curtain are rectangular shaped. Some parts of the curtain are tied upwards to make the clouds. Rarely used in French kitchens style because this typical kitchen has a small window. But the large cloud-curtain is popular in modern kitchens.

Long French kitchen curtains

Long French Kitchen Curtains-132This long French kitchen curtain is perfect dresses for high-size windows or doors. Motif kotak-kotak clasik semakin menguatkan nuansa klasik di dapur. Bagian atas dibuat anyaman dari kain yang sama. Anda bisa memilih motif bunga, hewan atau abstrak untuk model panjang namun pastikan warna sesuai dengan area disekitarnya.

Installing French country kitchen curtains

No special technique to installing country kitchen curtains. like other curtains, you can use a rails or paste it directly on the wall with nails. But the best technique is to use a rail that associated with the window sills. The use of nails to install the curtain will create a wall cavities, cracks and even broke out in several parts thus reducing the charm of your kitchen.

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