French Country Kitchen Decor


French country kitchen is a perfect chosen when you wanna a traditional nuance at modern city life. The concept of rural old European kitchen design reflected clearly in this classic kitchen type. Form of furniture, colors, layout, decor items to kitchen appliance is simple but high art value. Since a few decades French country kitchen have started demand by lot of people. Flexible design that can be applied on all types of kitchen: modern or minimalist, either in total or just remodeling. We provide some inspirational French kitchen design ideas to help you find a design for your lovely kitchen.

White French country kitchen design

White French Country Kitchen Design-113White French kitchen design always been ranked top of the favorite color for every design include the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet, storage, island, covered with bright white color. The ceiling and walls painted in cream that blend perfectly with the main color. Flooring made classical using natural wooden motifs.

Blue French country kitchen design

Blue French Country Kitchen Design-114 Blue French kitchen design is another option is to get the kitchen looks larger than actual size. Although only used as a complement in some fields, shades of blue is so thick on the design above. The walls use dark blue color while the ceiling using a variant of the lighter ones. Some furniture is also getting a touch of blue shades on the shelves of storage. A touch of light brown still be favorites for the flooring color.

Red French country kitchen

Red French Country Kitchen Design-115Perfect red French kitchen design. There are several interesting points to be examined more deeply. The ceiling still use wood to preserve classical antiquity designs. A door was built to provide direct access out of the house, make it easier when pasting bulk amounts of goods. High class painting techniques to produce the perfect blends between pale red and dark brown.

Best French country kitchen design

Best French Country Kitchen Design-116We called this design is the best French country kitchen because all terms needed for a classic design are here. Cupboard, table, chair, color, lighting all truly created a classic. A little modern looks felt on the transparent windows and ceiling. Overall this design looks more attractive with decorative potted vine in the room.

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