French Country Kitchen Table


When you are planning to decorate kitchen with French style, selection of decorations and kitchen appliances are the main thing that will determine success in creating a classical kitchen style because it’s essentially French style can be created on all forms of the room with various area-size. French kitchen style is identical to the wooden nuances, simplicity, decorative carving on furniture and wall color tends to be dull. One important element in decorating the French kitchen style is the table. The table has a dual role as supporting all kitchen activities as well as being a symbol of the simple life ancient French society that the majority of farmers.

French country kitchen table is made from hardwoods such as cherry, teak, pine, mahogany, so it can survive for many years. These tables are often used by farmers for dinner or room discussions on various things. But today the tables have been modified by the addition of accessories while still maintaining its distinctive shape. Here are some French inspired kitchen table.

French country kitchen table : classical color

Most of the furniture in French kitchen style dominated by brown, dark brown color, golden brown and black. These colors are painted around the surface of the furniture is then coated “liming” to prevent termites or other insects from attacking furniture and to give shiny impression. However the use of liming is recommended only at the foot area or other parts that come into contact with the ground. Not recommended for coating on the surface of the table because this substance containing toxin.

French Country Kitchen Table Sets-128 French kitchen table designed with high legs in order to create a blank space under the table which can be used as a place to hide chair making it saves space. You can choose the model table with two legs or four legs. Table size can be adjusted to conditions of the kitchen and the number of family members, but ideally the table can be used for 8 people seated around it as seen on the design above.

The carving

Carving a part that must exist in every French kitchen style as well as on the table. The carving can be used to create a beautiful frame or made in every corner of the table for a more minimalist impression. Motif leaves, flowers or motifs roosters are widely used in the farmhouse.


A typical French kitchen table does not need much decoration. Simply use small vases and placed in the middle or end of the table. You also can use the trimmings use a small basket of fruit so your kitchen looks more fresh and cheerful.

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