Galley Kitchen Designs


Kitchen has been a vital part of a house. But, not all of people have a space off kitchen in their house. Instead of building a kitchen which is taking too much place for almost nothing, they prefer to build a lounge or place to rest. And  now, for those people who think that kitchen takes too much place, why don’t you try to build a galley designed kitchen. The galley style kitchen doesn’t take too much place, different from ordinary kitchen. You can keep your lounge while having a kitchen, and you don’t have to add more space in  your house. Of course, it’s a bit stressful to work in a narrow place, so you have to pay attention to some points before building a galley kitchen. There are some tips to install galley kitchen designs.

Galley Kitchen Decorating Ideas 203First, you have to make the kitchen appearance is comfortable. Light it well. It’s not fun to work in a place which is dark, because it may gives you some scared feeling. And if it is possible, you may take glossy units as your kitchen equipment, so that your kitchen interior will be glossy and shiny as well. And a glossy kitchen will make you feel enjoy to cook there. Plus, add some color that will help you maintain your mood. Blue color seems appropriate since it gives us calm feeling, but of course it depends on the people who cook there. Your favorite color isn’t bad, even if it is black!

Small Galley Kitchen Designs 198And then, for the arrangement for the kitchen, you better make it simple because this type of kitchen is a narrow one. So if you make a complicated one, it may ruin your cooking time. And choose floor to ceiling unit with caution, to make sure it match with your kitchen, and doesn’t take too much place. After you have complemented you kitchen with equipment and some rack, you may rearrange them to find the most appropriate according to your taste or efficiency.

White Galley Style Kitchen Decor 202And the last advice is, give the kitchen some refreshing view, to make it beautiful. You can place a window that face your garden, so you can cook while enjoying your garden’s view, or place some photograph or drawing in the wall, to make you feel no loneliness. There is no strict rule about what kind of decoration you can put in the wall, so you can make it as creative as possible, to fulfill your taste of art, while making a good galley kitchen decor.

Those are some tips you can apply on make a galley kitchen ideas. Of course you can put more addition, or give a different try from the advices. I hope those advices may help you to build your dream kitchen.

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