Galley Kitchen Floor Plans


Speaking of kitchen as cooking area in the house, we should know that it has important duty in the house among other rooms such as living room, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom. Kitchen seems to be popular topic in home design since it has unique and different interior decor that should be considered gently. It is essential to make a plan for the kitchen interior decor style such as galley kitchen floor plans so that this cooking area can be more efficient and functional like other rooms in the house.

Generally, kitchen is kind of room in the house with special duty as production room for daily meal. No wonder that most appliances and furniture in this production room are important regarding to the production project such as stoves, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and many more. Kitchen comes in various models and styles. The kitchen style and model is typically chosen depend on the kitchen space and condition. Sometimes, people prefer to decorate this cooking area based on the other room style and of course budget including the galley kitchen floor plans.Small Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Galley Kitchen Floor Plans Characteristic

Galley kitchen is one of effective kitchen style which is suitable for small kitchen space. This kind of kitchen style is actually similar with narrow or parallel kitchen style. This kitchen style involves two sides of wall which face to each other forming the kitchen shape as like narrow. The perfect shape of this galley kitchen is just like tight narrow arranged for cooking space. Sometimes, kitchen cabinetry is arranged in different layout so that the galley kitchen looks efficient with spacious area in a side of wall. That is simple explanation of the galley kitchen floor plans.

Now, let’s discuss about the layout design of the galley kitchen floor plans. No matter what the kitchen style is, it must have effective arrangement to support the function of kitchen itself. Triangle work is important concept of kitchen layout arrangement. This great concept always involves three important areas in the kitchen supporting the kitchen duty. They are including cooking, cleaning, and storage area. The galley kitchen must have these three important areas arranged in triangle concept. It is essential to create effective movement during the working time in the kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Floor Plans Tricks and Tips

Having small living space doesn’t stop you to do some experiments in decorating home interior including kitchen as the heart of house. Well, since kitchen comes in various models and styles, you need to pick one the best kitchen style to support the function of the kitchen. Galley kitchen floor plans are the best choice for your small kitchen space.Open Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

This kind of kitchen style has special arrangement to maximize the whole kitchen space. Basically, galley kitchen has similar concept as like narrow or parallel kitchen style. If you have very tight kitchen space with two sides of wall, you can choose the galley kitchen to effective the kitchen function. The galley kitchen floor plans are really simple with numerous furniture products and arrangement to form the kitchen layout.

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