Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors


When renovating a kitchen, the first work is approaches that motivate you to finish. This may include updating the cabinet doors. A famous French chef in the kitchen was the inspiration for this glass kitchen cabinet doors with blue interior, white upholstery and butter yellow walls. The house was built in 1956 and had only one previous owner. While the new owners found the nostalgia and charm, the space needed updates. It was important that the charm of 1950, but more functional. The owners spent more than a year ago that the kitchen, and most of that time was spent on research and planning. Now you can update your calendar and your kitchen in a much shorter time!


Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors IdeasTake your work. Take pictures of your cabinets inside and out before, during and after. You want to use before and after photos for reference. The “in progress” photos, you have to stay the course. You’d be surprised how easy it is almost forgotten in the design stage, jump!

Measure twice, and then measure again!

Remove the old doors. Measure each door, drawing, and record each measurement. Measure each door, you cannot afford mistakes. Here you will find all the doors on the same size, but they will be safe, never assume just because of the careful measurement! The doors are handmade, and each may vary slightly.

Search online for business

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet DoorsUse a search engine to find “kitchen cabinets unfinished,” there are several companies that are unfinished doors. Check different sites for the best buy. The owner spent only $ 176 for five doors without glass. A local glass company in the glass is only $ 40 for five. This made the total order is less than load a local hardware store for just a door!

Remove the old grease structure

Wash all surfaces with soap and water, vinegar and water. The owners decided not to finish and to remove the burden of harmful vapors. Apply 2 coats of primer such as BIN. This creates a good base of the surface of age and it is sealed to accept the new surface. Paint the cabinets white latex paint with a good Hi-Gloss. The owners opted for a medium quality, and it took 3 coats!

If the doors are parts of sand, they multiply. Start with coarse sandpaper and finish with fine grain. Warm up the doors, and then the sand painting.

Confirm hardware and install glass

Hang the doors, make sure everything fits. It is a double strip takeoff and landing. Doors should be straight. It will be difficult to live with mistakes, after all this work. Take the doors. It is safer to do this step before the glass is installed.

Hang your new doors

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors DesignsSince the punched holes, it will be easy to hang the doors! At a discount department store is a beautiful set of buttons are $ 8 for the match, much less than the local store, which sold for $ 4 each!

The doors can be the easiest step and more rewarding in the renovation of a kitchen. After they finished, you will be motivated and excited about the glass kitchen of cabinet doors.

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