Granite Kitchen Sink


Drop-in granite kitchen sinks compounds are popular choice among homeowners wishing to install their own sink. Installation is a simple process that can fill in less than an hour with some extras. With a drop in sinks, all you need to place the sink hole cut in the sink, and then secure. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy rich and deep color of your sink compound in the context of a tile, laminate or access to the solid surface countertops.

  1. The use of a gun kit against a drop of silicone which serve along the edge of the opening existing counter as an adhesive for drop-in sink. Along with maintaining the drain in the kit also includes a final coat of sealer will prevent the joint between the sink and water penetration along the edge of the sink.Granite Kitchen Sink Designs
  2. Lift the pelvis above the opening and then down into the hole in the sink, seal, place the edge of the sink in the Pearl. Make sure the edge of the sink is flush with the edge of the countertop sink, set the location if necessary.
  3. Create a tape for sealing along the edge of the sink at which the edge on the work surfaces a primary seal. Moisten fingers with water and then top with your finger on the heel area, smooth along the joint between the sink and counter.Composite Granite Kitchen Sink Decor
  4. Place the clips on the edge of the granite kitchen sink under the sink, where it is good to fall against the container of the stack to prevent movement. Screw the clips at the bottom of the deck with screws and a Phillips screwdriver to attach the clips. The use of at least two clips at each side of the sink, forward and backward from the sink.
  5. Place a bead of silicone around the sink opening and place the basket through the opening. Press firmly into the basket and put a spin on the opening of the caulk evenly distributed. Remove the seal, which escapes from the bottom of the basket with a wet finger.
  6. Cover pipe thread along the bottom of the basket with the threaded connection. Place the rubber gasket on the exhaust studs and slide the paper ring on the thread to which the base of the seal. Screw the nut onto the threads of the basket, to hold it in position, tighten with pliers.White Granite Kitchen Sink Ideas
  7. Enter faucets hoses through the holes in the granite kitchen sink and the cupboard under the sink hole. Placing a sealing layer of the tapped holes and push the valve in place. Close the tap valve in the lock nuts on the floor under the sink. Place another bead of the gasket around the base of the crane, where they meet the work surface. Connect the water hoses from the house to the cranes, the tightening of the hose in place with an adjustable wrench.
  8. Line pressure at the bottom of the drain basket, in which the nut onto the pipe connection through the wire in the bottom of the outlet tube. Put the water and test the connection.
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