Green Kitchen Design Ideas


I must not the only one who think green colored kitchen when hearing  “green kitchen” word at first. But it’s not that thing. Green kitchen is a kitchen which is eco-friendly and do less damage to our earth. Also, it will cost you less than a normal kitchen on energy spending, so you can save your money for something else. But, it is known as an expensive kitchen design to be build.

But nowadays, many indoor designer has work harder to make it cheaper, and the result is, although it still cost you 20 percent to 30 percent more, it can be at least 2 percent up to 4 percent cheaper than standard construction. Scott Martin, the founder of Blue Plum Design, a kitchen design firm in San Fransisco that specializes in green kitchen renovation, also agree that the green kitchen would not costs you more than a standard kitchen. “You can make a kitchen somewhat with no extra expense or difficulty” he said.

Purple and Green Kitchen Decorating Ideas 195Appliances that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approved is able to save the energy costs from 10 percent up to 50 percent less than a standard kitchen. “These products will help almost any kitchen be more efficient and comfortable” Scott said. Also, there are some health benefits if you apply green kitchen design. It will be good for many people, since many people having almost 90 percent indoor, and a house with standard kitchen may have 10 to 100 times greater pollution than outdoor. The pollution may occurs from cooking fumes and gases from flooring, paints, cabinets, and countertops. For example, Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) which are typically emitted by paints, wood preservatives and other source may cause some symptoms, including nose and throat irritation, even cancer. Eco-safe paints, which is used for green kitchen design, is VOCs free, so it will keep you healthy by reducing the pollution occurred inside your house.

And the most crucial interior in the kitchen is the countertop, because it is a place where we prepare the food. Not all the countertop is good and healthy, therefore you should choose carefully. Here are the kind of countertop you can use for a green designed kitchen.

Granite Countertops, which symbolize the elegance and high class kitchen. It is quiet durable and has a high degree of resistance towards heat. Also it has many colors and pattern you can choose. But of course, because of the good and lovely appearance, it is very expensive.

Glass Tile Countertops, which is versatile, colorful and stylish option for your green kitchen. In can add some beauty to your kitchen, as well as it’s usefulness. It has many kind of pattern and because it’s not very big, it can be mixed with other color, creating a style that match to your desire look.

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