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IKEA is known for cheap furniture and ornaments known. The company markets a wide range of kitchen products, including cutlery, crockery and pots and pans. It also offers kitchen furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, islands and even appliances. To build or renovate their kitchen clients, the company has many styles of cuisine, where they product them. Let customize your kitchen can take a lot of time and patience to arrive, depending on the size of your kitchen. That’s where IKEA kitchen design can help. The store has a tool to download 3D kitchen planner and local experts to decide what is best for your kitchen cabinets to lighting. You must try it, by the dimensions of your room so that the precise size of things before you starts to put them in your kitchen.

White IKEA kitchen

White IKEA KitchenIKEA white kitchen design starts with a white tile backsplash behind the sink, oven and hob. Chrome accents the color of sink faucets, and wall decorations to the table. The cabinets are hidden in the design of handles, so a clean line. The only real pop of color in this room is a fresh fruit plate even dining table with white chairs and floors are usually white.

Abstract style kitchen

Abstract design of the kitchen from IKEA uses dark brown, white and black on a modern look. White is prominent in some of the accessories of the room, including tables, chairs and floor. A white lantern, which gives a soft, slightly diluted. The room is dark brown furniture with a simple chrome handles. An herb garden hanging wall shelves floating and modern decor, such as ceramic vases and statues complete.

Contemporary IKEA kitchen

Colorful IKEA Kitchen Ideas

The modern contemporary design combined Ikea kitchen white and silver or chrome for a modern space. If you plan to make a long white counter for a kitchen table, make the white too. The meters have squat legs and a long silver handle, so you can open the drawers and cupboards. The square and rectangular chairs mimic the look of the cabinets, while the inclined legs to the chair a contemporary twist. Hanging racks and track lighting complete the picture. A single light bulb hanging over the table makes sense when the table is in a separate room.

Built in islands and carts

Modern IKEA Kitchen Design 2012An island or a basket in the kitchen gives you a place to eat and prepare a space for storage. The accompanying islands have a modern look to them and are often two colors. There are timber open islands are made of stainless steel or black. Carts and islands, but they are mobile, so that food can be cooked and then to a table. You will also find an island that you can build a car that hides the car when not in use.

Unique countertop

IKEA kitchen countertop has worksheets that you can install yourself. It can be mounted on the existing work on the plates and can be adjusted to your cabinetry. They have different materials like wood, stone, laminate and acrylic come.

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