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IKEA is a Swedish company that mass of different types of furniture and items for sale in stores around the world produces. Furniture such as bed frames and cabinets are supplied in flat pack form and are, either by the homeowner as a DIY project that can be installed by the company IKEA. Assembly of flat pack unit together yourself is the cheapest option if you have the time and the right tools. One might think about replacing IKEA kitchen doors after a while, but replacing the doors will be a cheaper solution and quickly without special tools.

IKEA Kitchen Doors IdeasWith the advent of open plan, kitchen doors are a rarity. However, many homeowners appreciate the kitchen door for his ability to be a sink full of dirty dishes and powerful flavors of dark cooking the rest of the house. Although almost any type of door can be found in a kitchen, a revolving door is the most common one.IKEA Kitchen Doors Designs

  1. Use a screwdriver to the cover and concealed screws, attach the hinge to the bottom to remove the existing door. In contrast with conventional doors revolving doors have an upper and a lower hinge, instead of hinges. Once separated the lower hinge, the door slides of the frame profile, without adjusting the upper hinge.
  2. Instead of the old door at the top of the door and its replacement by a pencil line cut all areas, regardless of which is trimmed to fit lower or upper articulation necessary. The reference to changes in the graph for an exact fit required.
  3. Around side of the door, the light having a reference plane. This ensures the opening of the door in a position to frame without scratching, but still a tight fit in the door. Ensure that the existing door for a guide to the right angle: You must be very slight and barely noticeable when the door is hung.
  4. Mark position of the hinges at the top and bottom of the door using the door to the orientation of age. Comes with a wooden hammer and chisel to remove enough wood so that the face is flush with the hinge at the top and bottom of the door. Note made the cut, so that the new door in the lower hinge.
  5. Drill the pivot top hinge of the door with a drill. Half of the upper door hinge in the recess, which has just been made. Drilling a hole, and half hinge attachment of the head of the new door.

IKEA Kitchen Doors Design IdeasThus gate is placed in the frame to close to the upper hinge and the pivot hole, and moving the bottom of the door so far. Returning to hide the door and the lower hinge plates for use of the compound.

If desired, printing plates, adding to both sides of the door. To complete the IKEA kitchen doors painting step, place the plates push against the door and a pencil to mark the correct position for the pilot holes. Then use a drill to make holes. Finally, tighten the screws holding the plates push into place.

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