IKEA Kitchen Island


If you think that it is necessary to remodel your old style of your kitchen, changing your kitchen island will be one of stunning ideas to apply. Besides kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island is furniture that has a big part to change the look of your kitchen. That is why changing the island is preferable to make your kitchen livelier and fresher. To do this enthusiastic project, IKEA kitchen island offers some models that you can take and apply in your own culinary spot.

IKEA kitchen island is coming in various sizes, designs, and also shapes. You are able to choose one that fits the room where you cook some foods for the family. There will be some stuff set in your kitchen. For that reason, you have to keep it in proper portion. Do not let the kitchen island dominate your kitchen so that there is no place left for other equipments and furniture. All elements should be equals. Here are some ideas from IKEA that you can adopt for your kitchen renovation project. Just pay attention to the three points in choosing. Those are shapes, designs, and also sizes.IKEA Kitchen Island

IKEA kitchen island with close shelves

If you need a home for your kitchen appliances to make your room tidier and more organized, IKEA kitchen island with close shelves will be highly recommended. We already know that kitchen is the most crowded public service room in your house. You can chat, eat, and even just sit to get some inspiration there.

IKEA Kitchen Island TableIn fact, there are many things set there. Having an organized kitchen will make those activities more enjoyable. One of many ways to get the goal is by creating a home base for your pots, knives, pans, and other stuff. Close shelves are the best choice to implement then.

IKEA kitchen island with open shelves

For those who have a large area in their kitchen, it is such big luck. With an extensive area, you can set some furniture to make your kitchen utensils not homeless. You can store those there. Then, take some out when you need them. It means that you are able to get your kitchen tidy without thinking hard. So, what should you do for the kitchen island? Close shelves will be lees functional, right? Well, you can go to open shelves. IKEA has some models for that. That is such a brilliant idea to explore the beauty of your IKEA kitchen island. You can also take benefit from it. You can set cooking books, wine bottles, and slicing or chopping board there.

IKEA kitchen island with a quite large chopping area

Another idea that you can choose is by setting up kitchen island with a large chopping area. You are able to slice vegetables and fruits there without limitation. That is really good to make your cooking more efficient. You do not need to use a chopping board because you have the island with a top that can be used for cutting, slicing ad chopping. IKEA offers some tops to choose for that function. You are able to choose granite or stainless steel. Granite is chosen if you want scratch resistant top. However, if you focus on design and durability, IKEA kitchen island made of stainless steel is more recommended.

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