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Besides kitchen as important room area in the house, dining room comes to support the function of kitchen as serving room. As like other room, dining room has various options of interior decorating to choose suiting the entire home interior decor ideas. Basically, furniture is needed to support the application of a room such as dining room. As serving food room, there will be several furniture products that should be located including a set of dining table product such as IKEA kitchen table, cabinetry, and many more additional objects.

Every meal time must be a story in your mind though you spend it alone or with family and friends. IKEA kitchen table comes with numerous designs and styles to select. As the best home furniture manufacture, IKEA always updates the products following the latest trend of home furniture model and concept. IKEA offers smart and minimalist design concept on every product including kitchen table. No wonder that many designs displayed on IKEA official site with different character and feature to consider.IKEA Kitchen Table

Traditional IKEA Kitchen Table

You must have ever seen kitchen table in your own dining room, haven’t you? You know exactly the design of it which related to the shape, dimension, style, and material. Every IKEA kitchen table certainly has different design concept.

IKEA Kitchen Table LegsIt is intentionally designed to fit the room condition such as space measurement and room shape. We know that basically, decorating a room, we need to pay attention on some factors such as space. So that’s why IKEA offers new concept to pick fitting any dining room space concept. Now, let’s see the best kitchen table by IKEA with traditional design concept.

Generally, IKEA kitchen table still applies basic shape of dining table with geometrical, circle, and elliptical shape for the table top. There will be single or multi legs installed under the top to hold the table properly. IKEA dining table must have different style which signed by the application of detail, texture, or even color scheme. Wood, metal, marble, and glass seem to be common material which typically use to produce the finest kitchen table quality for home kitchen and dining room. The best thing you can find from IKEA product is its special design for certain room condition.

Smart IKEA Kitchen Table

In fact, house doesn’t always have large space to allow many furniture and appliance ate the same time and room. There is also small living space which even has smaller rooms for various functions as standard home. IKEA kitchen table is intentionally designed with space saving feature so that small dining room can do its duty properly without making too much messy. Compact kitchen table certainly becomes the best solution to suit small spaced room.

IKEA comes with some small kitchen tables in standard style with square top and four legs. Those tables are designed with three drawers as smart storage space in the left or right side of table legs. There is also enough additional board folded to cover the external side of drawers. And this IKEA kitchen table additional top can be set up for larger kitchen table top.

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