ISOLA Linear: Artistic Kitchen Design By TOYO


When you need different kitchen design in your house that looks unique, strange but luxurious instantly and can made easily, maybe this latest kitchen by Japanese designer company, TOYO is your chosen one. The design consist only of single futuristic standing kitchen island equipped with multifunctional table makes solution for small kitchen. Although it looks ordinary, but this simple table has many hidden features. Kitchen sink, cabinets, stove completely hidden to give minimalist and clean impression but still looks modern which elegant.

You don’t need to worry if ISOLA Linear designed by TOYO collapsed. Although it has only single leg, but all factors are calculated carefully starting from the maximum load weight to the leg strength to get the right balance point. Built-in iron materials make this simple kitchen has great power to support all the cooking activities.ISOLA Linear Kitchen Design By TOYO-108Venetian glass mosaics installed to covering front side of table leg making ISOLA Linear kitchen become one of many word class kitchen ideas. Mosaic glass engraved with a vines pattern to create a more vibrant look. Not only vines pattern with black mosaic color, but also there are 5 more unique patterns with 4 different mosaic colors. This modern concepts of artistic kitchen ideas is usually sensible; the spaces is completed with a portable stove which can be converted into a grill. Large sink for huge washing amount, the longer counter top can be optimized as dining room table. It’s also added with a large cabinet very functional for storage space. When you need extra storage to keep dozen utilities, TOYO give a single box placed under the counter top.

The concepts of ISOLA Linear covers more than “kitchen for cooking” as usual. This newest TOYO’s concepts says if the kitchen also provides an important role as a place where people enjoy cook through eating.

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