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Italian kitchen design using natural materials colors and finishes available across the room a vintage look. To create a rustic atmosphere in the kitchen, it is important to note cabinet styles, flooring and accessories to choose Italy and the Mediterranean environment. No matter what your budget, there are a variety of techniques and design elements, use the space is transformed into a rustic, authentic Italian cuisine. An Italian kitchen is looking warm and inviting as they are solid and earthy colors for guests is determined to contain comfortable.

Italian decor is relaxing, exciting and surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Italian decor is all about bringing the colors of nature in the house. Using bright colors, interesting textures and tiles, you can decorate the kitchen to look like an authentic Italian kitchen.
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  1. Apply a thin layer of plaster on the walls for a textured look. Mix the plaster according to manufacturer’s instructions and spread over the surface with a trowel with a rocking motion. Let it dry for a while.
  2. Use a variety of pieces that have different textures. Do not forget to mention the walls, considering the texture, either. Paint the walls with a plaster technique or fresh Italian style in your room, as this aspect is very popular in Italy. If you do not want to paint the entire kitchen, choose some textures on the wall for a dramatic look. Carpets with texture and a personal touch to your kitchen. Slate and granite are interesting options for countertops.
  3. Paint the walls with an earth tone colors such as red-orange, red-brown or gold. Use an olive green, gray or blue for the colors burgundy trim and accent. Create a look of watercolor paint application with a wet sponge on the wall. Dip the sponge in water, wring well and lightly dip into the paint. Dab the sponge on the entire wall subtly textured color to apply. Choose earthy colors give a warm tone. The colors are dark red, green and gold that more are associated with an Italian decor, but certainly not keep the colors of these. It can not be terracotta, salmon, gray, sand colors and colors of the sky at home.
  4. Choose furniture with a distressed or weathered look. If other dark decorations in the kitchen, choose a cabinet in trouble light with wrought iron hardware, or choose a dark wood cabinets, a compound with mild decor.
  5. Install a floor of natural materials like slate, travertine or terracotta. You can also use a natural material like marble or slate countertops. Mosaic tiles in warm colors and tile designs in red, green, gold or hand-painted, such as olives, cheese or tomato can for accent tiles or Backsplashes.
  6. Select an antique bronze or copper sink faucet with a large white porcelain or ceramic sink. Lighting should look rustic in metallic colors like bronze, copper or bronze. Choose ramps for accent lighting in room supply install and fit the design of the Italian kitchen design work stations to alleviate.
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