Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile


Kitchen always becomes great topic to discuss by many home design lovers especially those who love to do much experiment with many new recipes. Kitchen is certainly house heart where main power of house gathered and produced by the foods. As like other room areas in the house, kitchen comes in various interior decor designs including retro, rustic, modern, minimalist, and many more. Basically, every kitchen must have three main areas namely cooking, cleaning, and storage areas to support the function of this cooking room. Besides the application of furniture and appliance, kitchen must be completed with decorative scent on the entire room area such as creative application of kitchen backsplash glass tile.

Wall, ceiling, and flooring may be important factors in home design which should be considered well while decorating the kitchen interior. Backsplash is small area on the wall which is commonly found on area between base cabinet and mount wall kitchen cabinetry. Backsplash area is commonly free from any decorative item since it is located where cooking and cleaning area installed. This location seems to be unsuitable place to place many tools. So that’s why making it becomes focal point in the kitchen with kitchen backsplash glass tile is such big idea that should to try.Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile

Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile Advantages

Nowadays, tile becomes creative and simple ideas to decorate wall and flooring in the house no matter what the room function is. Tiles seem to be perfect option to install in the kitchen and bathroom where too much moist created. It is because tiles are made of special material with water, scratches, hot, cold, and rust resistant.

Custom Kitchen Backsplash Glass TileIn addition, tile is easy to clean and install without any help by professional man. Tile comes in various styles and designs. There is wide range of types with much patterns and hues options to choose. And there are so many materials to suit the kitchen interior decor.

With many advantages of the kitchen backsplash application, we can arrange them creatively with specific plan such as mosaic, brick, and many more. The best thing which comes with glass tile for kitchen backsplash is glass material to give such modern scent in the room. In addition, it comes in many types to pick with different characteristic and models to suit your kitchen interior decor style.

Kitchen Backsplash Glass tile Types

We have several types of kitchen backsplash glass tile to choose. The first type is known as Recycled glass tile. Generally, it looks like ceramic tile with tiny square dimension covering the kitchen backsplash. It has glossy scent as typical character of glass tile. The next tile is known as iridescent glass. It is intentionally designed in hexagonal shape with tiny size. The third glass tile type is called as Frosted glass. It has same design as ceramic tile with blue water transparent accent to reflect its glass characteristic.

The other glass tile type is Stained glass which designed thinner and longer with unique color scheme and pattern. The installation of Stained glass tile is the same with brick wall. The same installation method is found on Clear glass tile with two contrast colors arranged as brick on the backsplash. The last kitchen backsplash glass tile is wave glass with real wavy texture application.

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