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The kitchen backsplash tile and a touch of color to your room and the walls to protect your sink and stove. Backsplash tiles come in a variety of styles and materials of many different prices. While designing backsplashes can be very costly, you may look back on a limited budget get smart when you watch the materials you choose, and creative with the placement of the tiles.

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Complemented by a variety of colors, granite and other colors in the kitchen cabinets come on the floor. A splash guard, said the couple with a granite countertop finishing touches to a well equipped kitchen. Here are some tips for your kitchen backsplash tile.


Tile is the opportunity to go for a kitchen backsplash. Options include a backsplash ceramic tile, slate, porcelain and even mosaic. Glass tiles are also popular. Whichever you choose, with granite tiles works well and provide a waterproof dashboard. Choose tile that some of the more subtle colors in the granite surface to create an additional set. Match mortar color tinge to search the granite to join. Install the tiles in a line break syndrome perpendicular diagonal. A smaller decorative tile includes copper or brass in order to inject some interest.

Stainless steel

Kitchen Backsplash Tile IdeasStainless steel is an option for a modern and elegant dashboard. Consider whether you have your stainless steel kitchen with a modern and contemporary. You can coordination of stainless steel with black granite of elegance and professionalism. Stainless steel works well with other colors like white or brown granite, which always contain a touch of gray stripes or spots. Look for thin stainless steel plates hanging on the wall or on individual tiles.


There are natural stone such as granite for used as a backsplash. Make sure the granite countertop of the same granite of a dashboard or choose a coordinating color. Granite tiles can use instead of a granite slab. This adds value and helps to break the room.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile PicturesLimestone is a new opportunity for natural stone. With a modern look and a soft, limestone fits well with many different colors of granite.

Marble is an option for connecting the wall with a sense of texture and design are. Antique marble is a good option that provides a smooth surface, but a rough appearance. Combine a terracotta pink granite marble fell from dark gray to achieve a subtle effect.


Wallpaper is the least expensive option. Many of them are vinyl wallpaper can be painted, which means that you also create a custom wall colors with your own color selection. Background “tiles” can be used to visually interesting. When painting to create your own background image a custom design to match the granite.


Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs IdeasIn the cheap to make beadboard as your kitchen backsplash tile, you can paint or stain the color of your choice and add a country look to your kitchen. Beadboard painted a dark color coordinate well with light granite, while white, to make beautiful dark granite.

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