Kitchen Curtains Ideas


Choosing the best kitchen curtains is an evaluation of style and functionality. A well-lit kitchen offers a good environment for cooking and other activities so that natural light curtains are a good choice. Furthermore, the amount of privacy you need curtains.

Regardless of whether you are fitting a brand new kitchen or just sprucing up your existing one, you will need to consider the type of curtains you want to have there. For example you can check out french country kitchen curtains for ideas. You can sew curtains, drapes or even tab the vintage tea towels to use for your main kitchen curtains retro to create. Kitchen curtains are a great project for beginning sewers because there is usually a small project, that small investment of time and money.

Vintage Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Towel Curtains

Tea towels are pretty easy, and if they hang vertically from the window, which can come through the light and gives privacy. If you’re handy with a hole in the sewing machine button in the upper right and lower right corner of the towel is. Insert the hook of the shower curtain in each eye, place a towel curtain rod and hang the curtains. A simpler alternative is use clips of the curtain. They will not damage the tea towels and can be used in a different way in the future.


Curtains vintage apron

They depend on the aprons  for curtains of the kitchen. Select between one to four depending on the sizze of the window. Cut the strips and sew the openings closed. For the curtains of a scheme you want. The eyelets with a sewing machine along the neck and put the suspension to a curtain rod, or just use curtain clips.



Beaded curtains

Make your own plastic bead curtains or wooden balls in one or more colors to complement your kitchen. Use piece of string, to close the line. Each of the length of the window, plus 3 or 4 inches, it has to join the end of the rope around the curtain rod. Tie a knot at the lower end of the string, and slide the beads in place. Repeat for the chains accounts as you want. Loosely tie the strings around the curtain rod so that the bead curtain, how to control.

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