Kitchen Focus


People are staying at home. This slow shift in behavior is resulting in more attention to design around the home. The kitchen is one of the focusplaces where design is focusing around comfort and practical workspaces.

Gone are the days of the micro-kitchen. Modern kitchen designs are spacious, with plenty of room to mingle and incorporate helping hands. Islands are trending, often equipped with either a prep sink or stovetop. Entertainer friendly bar-style amenities like a rail and ice bins are also trending.

Smart storage solutions such as pull out drawers and lazy susans in cupboards make it easier to keep a well-stocked pantry. Smaller, double stack ovens allow production of multiple baked goods without encroaching on cupboard space. Luxury countertops and real wood carpentry continue to dominate as they enhance perceived value.

Finally, light colors and soft directional lighting are common because of the inviting environment it creates. When the kitchen is functional, beautiful and inviting, people enjoy cooking at home.

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