Kitchen Islands with Breakfast Bar


Basically, kitchen is production area where you can produce anything since it is related to the dishes that will you eat after this production processing. Various designs of kitchen can be applied based on the house condition either small or large space house. Several houses are built to separate the connected rooms like kitchen and dining room. Well, it is according to the house owners who want to reach private space based on the function of the rooms.

Granite Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarBut not few of people who want create the practicality and simplicity in their eating activities. Thus kitchen islands with breakfast bar become the best solution for this. Not only for breakfast using, the free standing or single islands which built-in breakfast bar also used for lunch and dining especially for people who always eat alone or two with his wife. The advantages of choosing this island style are its simplicity and practicality features. When you have a breakfast while sitting on the island bar chair, you only need simple steps to take your water from refrigerator or sauce from the rack quickly.

Portable Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarCustom Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarYou can also enjoy your cup of afternoon or morning coffee and tea while waiting and talking with your wife who is preparing your dinner. Much of the simplicity and practicality can be gotten by applying kitchen islands with breakfast bar. Don’t worry it will not suit your kitchen space or design. Today you can find various styles of kitchen islands in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to suit your kitchen interior design.

Discount Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarWhite Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarWell, let’s back to the basic knowledge about kitchen island. The function of island in the kitchen is almost the same as like countertop but in a version with multifunction features included as a bar. Most of kitchen islands with breakfast bar are made of solid wood with various texture style and color. It can be designed depends on the design theme. For example for modern kitchen design, the kitchen island can be blocked completely with color paint and so on.

Stationary Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarThe counter material typically covered by marble, metal, or eliminated wood, of course by suiting them with the main material style and color. Various shapes of freestanding kitchen islands are intentionally designed to fit your kitchen shape. It might be curve, G letter, C letter, rectangular, or circle shape. Typical bar chair or stool commonly applied to complete these kitchen islands. They typically designed with the same style as the kitchen island style. For example modern green bar stools applied to complete white and other bright kitchen paint colors.

Large Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarIKEA Kitchen Islands with Breakfast BarThe number of the stools should be applied depend on the large of the kitchen island. The larger kitchen island applied in the kitchen, the more number of bar stools applied to complete it. The important thing you should do when deciding the stool number is by considering the family member who lives in the house. Thus it will not waste your budget and kitchen space.

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