Kitchen Paint Color for Cherry Cabinets


The painting for cherry kitchen cabinets, you can use a color that complements your decor. This project will also give you the satisfaction of creating a one of kind furniture, which may contain some collector plates in the paperwork. Proceed to the cherry wood paint, but important steps to ensure the creation of a sustainable work and aesthetics. Preparing the Cabinet for the painting is the most important step in the process – the primer and paint to adhere to the surface of the cabinet for a durable finish.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are a popular choice in kitchens, and we often find a new home or building. Fortunately, many color options for color, with cherry wood. You can make your choice based on the look you aspire to create.Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
Cherry cabinets look bright red wood. Whether natural or stained cherry a different type of wood in a cherry, you need the right wall colors of paint and curtains. Choosing the wrong color gives the room an uneven and unsightly.

Lighter colors of paint

The choice of lighter color paint for your walls is showing the cabinets and closets, in the center of the room. Although Cherry is a warm color that blends well with cool shades of slate gray and lilac. For lighter colors, the background color in the cherry stain, create a cohesive look in the kitchen.

The neutral tones

Neutral colors of cream added, egg whites and off-white wealth of cherry will help set the tone of the wood. Choose a neutral shade, if you have a dark wood in the room or use cherry in other areas. Make sure cherry moldings, furniture and cabinets will not to overwhelm a space. While the paint is hot, maybe it is too close to the chamber itself heavy and small. Paint the walls a neutral color breaks the cherry red, while retaining warmth.

Darker colors

Black Brown Cherry Kitchen CabinetsDark colors give a dramatic touch to the kitchen. The problem is that bright colors are shown with colored stains from food and other waste in the area. Some colors like white, cream, yellow stripes, the development of oil and smoke from the kitchen. Dark colors show less stains of this type. Choose dark colors with wealth, such as red ruby or blue. Reds get the Reds in the dark cherry color and the other the tone of this redness. Dark colors work best in larger rooms, such as the combination of dark colors makes a small room even smaller. Use a neutral or lighter shade on the lists and the baseboards of the room. The lighter color makes the dark colors of the acquisition of the room.


When painting cherry kitchen cabinets, look at the ceiling. A dark ceiling in a larger kitchen bring the roof down, makes the space feel warm and cozy. A lighter color in a smaller space attracts the eye and makes the room appear larger. Complement always chooses colors, cherry, irrespective of the timber. Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls adds another dimension to the kitchen.

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