Kitchen Sink with Drainboard


Kitchen consists of three important areas to support the basic function of kitchen as cooking area in the house. The first is cooking area. In this area, there are several important appliances and furniture that should be arranged properly including cabinetry, stove, smokestack, oven, microwave, blender, mixer, and many kitchen tools. The second is storage area. Storage area is commonly created with specific layout of cabinetry where we can store pans, pots, utensils, ingredients, and many more. The third area is called as cleaning area. Kitchen sink with drainboard completed with hutch seems to be perfect layout for this area.

In this article, we will discuss more about cleaning area where the kitchen sink with drainboard is installed. Kitchen sink is essential appliance that should be installed to complete the function of kitchen. There are many models and styles of the kitchen sink. Basically, it comes in square shape of container with curve accent on each corner. There is also kitchen sink which comes with circle or even elliptical shape of container. Most kitchen sinks are patented on the base cabinet counter. This kind of sink is also known as under mount kitchen sink. Generally, a large sink container seems to be enough for cleaning ingredients and dishes. In fact, there are some sinks which designed with double containers in different size for ingredient and dirty pan and dishware.Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard for Small Kitchen

Having a small living space is not kind of your fault since you get it with much effort. Well, kitchen is still important though the house has limited space for it. Effective kitchen layout is perfect concept to get efficient space for cooking and working to try various recipes.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with DrainboardThree important areas should be arranged and installed properly so that efficient and effective traffic doesn’t disturb your movement during cooking activity. Kitchen sink with drainboard is creative and smart solution to benefit as effective space as possible. Installing the sink with drainboard save more space in the small kitchen rather than installing freestanding rack near the sink.

The installation of freestanding drain rack precisely makes the small kitchen space looks even tighter and crowded. The kitchen sink with drainboard is the best solution for this space problem since it patented with the sink container. Since there are many styles and models of the sink to choose, the drainboard also should be different from one to another according to the design concept of the sink. Most people prefer to install single sink with double drainboard on each side of the sink container. This sink design gives more space for ingredient and dishes area instead of mix it on the same drainboard.

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard in Vintage Cabinetry

We have discussed completely about kitchen cabinetry in the other article. We know that it comes into wall and base cabinetry version. Base cabinet seems to be perfect cabinet to install under mount kitchen sink with drainboard. The design of cabinetry is available in various styles including vintage. The vintage cabinet for cleaning area looks elegant with many storage spaces installed under the sink. They are including drawers, open shelves, and closed kits with cabinet doors.

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