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There are different levels of renovation and remodeling. Sure, there are great things to do in the look of your home, down to change the walls, the floor to changing small things can change but also the new sensation. Think of your bathroom, where a new shower or soap can change the appearance. Or think about adding decorative towel: installing a kitchen towel rack is a straight line, and the results can look good.

Place the towel

  1. Check out the wall of your kitchen and keep the towel around where you want to go. Use the pen to indicate where one end of the rack towel.
  2. Use an electric stud finder to find the nearest bar to the desired location. It is unlikely that both ends of the towel holder are on the bolts 16 are separated by. Now you have the choice between strength and placement of. If you are lucky, the result of Step 1 is to meet a stallion. If not, then you can slide the kitchen rack towel, so that one ends. For greater beam strength or you can see where the planned and drywall anchors used to hold the two ends.Kitchen Towel Rack Ideas
  3. Adjustment placement of the fabric, if desired. Hold both ends of the towel in place and make two pencil marks on each side. For accurate, it is recommended that at the outer edge of the grid, and one in the top (where these two lines cross is where you drill one) on each side. Four pencil to mark lines in total.

Drilling and fastening a towel

Kitchen Towel Rack Designs

  1. Drill holes. If you connect one end of the holder of a screw, use a drill bit smaller than the screws provided with the towel. You do not have a hollow wall anchor (eg, drywall anchor) for livestock, a single screw. If you are not in line with the amount, see step 2
  2. Pre-drill hooks. The package should tell you what size drill to confirm, depending on the size of the anchors that you have purchased. If your kitchen towel racks mounting plates, do it now, to see if they are stopped by one or two screws. If a bolt, drill the center of the two pencil marks on each end. If two screw holes space, the space in the mounting plate adjustment.
  3. Insert the drywall in the hole. These anchors are projected into the cavity behind the drywall to stability. Making the news anchor on the tip of a Phillips screwdriver and gently push in the hole. Be careful not too hard.
  4. Screw the mounting plates in the drywall anchors. When the towel came with screws, use it but it’s good for drywall screws into the anchors used.

Small Kitchen Towel Rack Designs IdeasPlace the towel holder in the mounting plates. Horizontally, depending on the model of the kitchen towel rack, the method of these changes a series of slides, some resort to. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of the rod in place with one hand to hold and pull the end of the towel in the correct position.

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