Kitchen Triangle


The kitchen triangle is the footprint in the kitchen sink in the refrigerator, stove and put it back in the sink. A kitchen design just the right amount of space from one element to another, and nothing to alter the workplace, it is more efficient.

The idea of kitchen triangle came from studies on the use of space and finding a more efficient design. The triangle of kitchen work refers to the paths connecting three important points in your kitchen: stove, refrigerator and sink. These points are traditionally used as the large number of three, as indicated by the extent of movement which, between them, and the frequency of use of the rooms.Kitchen Triangle


Libraries are an integral part of the proper functioning of the kitchen work triangle and placement was part of the original concept. For more functional stations, have to fill the space on both sides of the furnace, on either side of the basin and at least one side of the refrigerator – preferably on the side closest to the handle so that when the can, the opening of the door, they move easily into and out of the elements of the device.


Kitchen Triangle DesignsThe work triangle concept group sweetened an ideal distance from the device is relative to each other. According to the University of Missouri Extension, the space of 4 to 7 meters between the refrigerator and sink, 4 to 6 meters between the sink and stove and 4 to 9 meters between the stove and refrigerator to the size ideally you will work with a triangle the three parties to the sum of 15 to 22 feet.


Kitchen Triangle IdeasModern kitchen can be complicated, but the work triangle is a good place to start planning your space. For example, depression, the most common cooking zones, a factor that another workflow can be designed. The refrigerator should be placed so as not to block the flow will fall to or from the oven or. Pedestrian traffic should be round and not directed through the area of the kitchen work triangle to reduce accidents and incidents. To begin with these ideas, you can more wisely the development of plans to suit your space.

Work areas

Residential Design and Construction magazine points in the kitchen with more than one cook or households in which several family members are active in the region at the same time, you should think beyond the work triangle in the kitchen. The kitchen is where the house where people gather to visit, where animals are fed or when much planning and budget management is also the food preparation.

Kitchen Triangle Table and CabinetsNotes magazine website and Advanced Certified Master Kitchen and Bath designer Ellen Cheever idea of workspaces in the kitchen that develop tasks specific areas, such as a cleaning area, a staging area and area suggests cooking. The idea behind of the kitchen triangle area is that all you need to work in space, located in the center to facilitate the use and development of these areas to your kitchen and needs of the family.

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