Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting


In choosing kitchen under cabinet lighting, you need to pay attention in several considerations. Those are like a bridge that you have to pass through to get the best one for functionality and beauty in your kitchen room. If you eagerly want choosing lighting as a part of your home improvement project, you should equip yourself with some basic knowledge and skills related to electricity stuff. You cannot be skeptical and choose one randomly without thinking more.

You have to involve the cabinet design that you set in your kitchen in selecting the lighting stuff. It is because the lighting will be installed in the area of kitchen cabinets. So, to get balanced ambience, you had better choose one that the style can support the beauty of your kitchen cabinet design. This article will discuss more about basic knowledge that you have to know in choosing kitchen under cabinet lighting.Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Electrical Types for under cabinet lighting

The first and basic thing you have to know in doing the project, you should think about electrical types. There are some types of electricity that you have to pick for your kitchen under cabinet lighting. That is not an easy task for those who are not familiar with electricity. You are able to ask someone who has skill and electricity knowledge to help you. He or she must know the electrical type that is suitable for your cabinet design. It is also important to choose an electrical voltage that fits your house.

Installation methods and steps

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting OptionsAfter finding an electrical type that is in line with electricity provided in your house, you need to think about installation methods. It is possible that bolts or screws set into the cabinet undersides when you are installing under cabinet lighting.

There is a simple way to overcome the problem. You are able to use adhesive strips in this project of kitchen under cabinet lighting. However, it is not able to keep longer to stick under the cabinet. In addition, you have to clean the surface entirely to make the adhesive stronger in sticking on cabinet surface.

There is another way that you can implement besides using adhesive in kitchen lighting project. That is stronger and more effective than using that stuff. You are able to make hole by drilling through the kitchen cabinets from the side under those. After that, you should fasten the screws or bolts descending from the inside part of the cabinets. You may get uneven surfaces for the stored dishes. It is caused by the heads of screws or bolts that are noticeable from the inside of the cabinets.

Appearance for under cabinet lighting

The last thing to know as a basic knowledge in installing the lighting is dealing with the appearance. You need to select a style of lighting that synchronizes by means of the fixtures or the parts of the lights that are able to be seen. In the market, there are some styles you can choose. You can choose the design, the voltage, and also the models of it. Whatever the appearance you want to highlight in the project of kitchen under cabinet lighting is, you need to fall your heart for the one that is suitable with your preference.

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