Kitchen Wall Color Ideas


Nowadays there is no room in the house which applied without color. There are various color options to complete the home interior design. These color variations commonly selected depend on the room function. Kitchen is an important room in the house where the most activities of a housewife is done including serve the food, cooking, doing much of recipe experience, and others. Here in the kitchen, we should choose kitchen colors that are beautiful and attractive to make the users feel comfort when they are there.

Because kitchen is a place where the heat, cold, dry, and moist come together while cooking activities, you should choose any material either for kitchen wall or kitchen cabinets and appliances that can endure it. Applying some materials that is easily to be cleaned would be better. Those cleanable materials are marble, ceramic, and wood. In addition those materials which commonly applied on the countertop can be selected in any color to fit the kitchen wall color.

Brown Kitchen Wall Color IdeasFor unique and classical kitchen wall design, there is an optional by using tiles to replace the wall. Numerous kitchen wall tiles whether it is designed with colorful plain texture or unusual texture and motif. You can apply them on the entire kitchen wall or only on the certain part on the wall. It is depend on your kitchen concept that will be applied. For simple kitchen wall design, various color options could be painted on the kitchen wall. This simple kitchen wall will work properly moreover if your kitchen has been dominated by wooden kitchen cabinets with material combination on.

Single color such as: blue, yellow, pink, and others will appropriate to fit your neutral kitchen wall colors. If you want to apply more than a color on the kitchen wall, try to mix and match both colors that have been chosen if both is solid or strong color. For the best result of color combination, you can choose strong color then combine it with the neutral color such as: white, black, grey, and brown.

Yellow is one recommended color by Feng-Shui history. Yellow represents healthy digestive for the people who spend their time to eating in the yellow kitchen. But if you are not people who believe any history in selecting color. Choose kinds of soft as the primary kitchen wall colors. It will make your kitchen elegant and beautiful.

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