L Shaped Kitchen Designs


Are you a person who really loves cooking? The important thing that you will consider when decorating your kitchen is certainly an efficient movement without any obstruction when cooking, isn’t it? Moreover, if you have limited space in your kitchen, gently deciding the kitchen shape will help you to solve this space problem and its efficiently function. There are many kitchen shape designs that can be picked depend on your desire and of course the kitchen condition. They are G shaped, U shaped, narrow shaped, and L shaped kitchen designs.

L shaped kitchen design is better to be installed in a kitchen with limited space. If you have smaller kitchen and you have to divide it for kitchen and dining area, L shaped in any variation size is the best choice. As we know that L shaped kitchen design allow you to place your kitchen in the room nook or even in very small room that also suitable to become a bathroom. In addition, L shaped kitchen has incorporated the triangle kitchen way to produce the efficient way in cooking activity. So what the triangle way is?

L Shaped Kitchen LayoutTriangle way especially applied in the L shaped kitchen designs is a triangle pattern that connects the user between three important areas in the kitchen such as: cooking area, cleaning area, and storage area. Cooking area contains of the stove, microwave, oven, the pan or pot racks, and other utensil storage that will be ready when you need them. Cleaning area consists of sink and its faucet, countertop for ingredient preparation, butcher block, and knife or other utensils storage related to cleaning and preparation activity. The last area is storage area. This area consists of ingredient storage included spices, vegetable, egg, meat, fruits, and so on. You will find those ingredients in a storage place that commonly called as refrigerator.

This triangle way could be applied in L shaped kitchen design though the triangle pattern is not perfectly formed. For example, you have installed L shaped kitchen design in the kitchen. The short part of L shape is filled with stoves and other appliances as cooking area. While the longer part of L shape is filled with faucet as cleaning area and refrigerator in the end. From that triangle way arrangement, you will cook efficiently without any traffic obstructs you. Other triangle way arrangements can be applied in L shaped kitchen design. If you have larger space in the kitchen, put the refrigerator as storage area across the cleaning area in order to produce perfect triangle pattern.

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