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Lowes is kind of online magazine which always provides many smart projects to complete the kitchen interior decor ideas. Lowes kitchen design seems to be perfect inspiration that should be tried. Let’s start from Lowes home project first before turning into farther ideas for kitchen interior decor ideas. As we have discussed before, Lowes is online magazine which intentionally designed to give much creative ideas regarding to home and garden decorating ideas. There are so much information come with this online magazine including home for kitchen, bathroom, living room, specialty room, dining room, and many more.

Lowes online magazine also comes with creative ideas regarding to outdoor decoration for garden, patio, deck, and yard cares. Besides giving basic information about the indoor and outdoor home decor, Lowes magazine also offers much creative project in DIY method to try. In this article, we will try to follow some Lowes kitchen design creative ideas. Well, actually there are many creative ideas which can be chosen in the kitchen design projects including make an island from cabinet, freestanding kitchen pantry, update a dated kitchen ceiling, and many more.Lowes Kitchen Design

Lowes Kitchen Design for Remodeling in a Budget

Since kitchen is important room area in the house, we should plan regular maintenance to make it durable from time to time. Unfortunately, regular maintenance is actually not enough for long period of time. So that’s why kitchen remodeling is essential to do. This remodeling project designed by Lowes kitchen design is useful for some reasons. The first reason is making kitchen becomes cleaner and newer. Second is updating the kitchen in lower budget instead of replacing the whole current kitchen with the new one.

Lowes Kitchen Design 2012Let’s see what the project of Lowes kitchen design do to remodel the old kitchen in a low budget. The current kitchen is dominated with soft cream color scheme on the wall and cabinetry. The appliance looks clean but old in appearance. In this condition, Lowes refinish the entire kitchen cabinetry in white color with grey shaded accent on the edge. Dark grey laminate looks elegant on every cabinet tops including island. The flooring which is in orange and brown patterned tiles is replaced with dark wood plank flooring for warmer contemporary style.

The last kitchen interior decor involves Italy curtain on each small windows. This accessory installation precisely makes the kitchen darker and tighter. So that’s why in the remodel version, those curtains are removed so that the natural day light can come through those small windows. This new kitchen appearance looks even healthier with good air circulation to avoid too much smoke gathering in the kitchen during cooking activity. There is creative idea in the next paragraph by Lowes kitchen design idea.

Lowes Kitchen Design for Stylish Serving Tray

Lowes KitchenHaving a living space must allow some guests come to visit you. If it is happened, you should prepare snack and beverage for them. Well, stylish serving tray looks pretty to complete this activity. It is easy enough to prepare homemade oak serving tray. This simple tray is made in small rectangular shape with smooth surface of oak wood. Gift paper or patterned vinyl looks perfect decorating the base of the stylish serving tray by Lowes kitchen design.

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