Modern Country Kitchen


Modern country kitchen is a good idea if you intend to apply an integrated design in one room. People must agree when statement ‘kitchen is a heart of the house’ is loaded. It is agreeable since the kitchen is a center of the most crowded public service area in a house. Improving the look of a kitchen is really necessary then. You are able to do some efforts in achieving the goal. First of all, you need to choose some stuff that is representative for modern design and country design. Those should be equal and supportive to one another.

If you are interested in integrating some ideas that you have such as modern country kitchen, you can start by now to get the supportive stuff for the styles that you apply in your own kitchen. Decorations, colors, layouts, and materials of the decorative accessories are significant to think about. Just be creative if you want to get maximum result of it. You can mix and match one element to another. However, you should not be too overwhelmed in bringing elements in one spot only. All should be balanced then.Modern Country Kitchen Designs

Modern Country Kitchen: Fixture

You need prepare more money if you want to change your old fixture to get the ambiance of an integrated style in country kitchen. First, if your old kitchen faucets are bronze, you should take it off and replace those with stainless steel faucets. Various models are presented. Choose one that you think it is the most suitable faucets for your project. Modern Country KitchenMirrored materials are one of elements that should be installed in the modern home. So, changing the bronze faucets applied in the country home with stainless steel is a perfect step to start. Then, you can move to the lighting. Change your ornamental chandeliers with simple pendants.

If your flooring is plank wood, you had better kick it off and install tiles for your modern country kitchen. Wood can be used as well. However, you require finding parquet with light colors. For the kitchen cabinets, white colors are more preferable rather than light blue cabinets. White is a color that is used to improve the look to be more modern and contemporary. Replace the splash with glossy tiles without patterns like what you can find in the country home where vegetables or fruit patterned are used for the splash.

You can let some stuff stay to put country highlights. You should let your wood table there rather than changing the table with a kitchen island. You do not need to buy stools with asymmetrical shape and design. Your wood chair set will be okay to give country look in your modern country kitchen. You are able to add that with some country decoration such as a head of animal or other things to represent that style in the kitchen.

Modern Country Kitchen: Accessories and Appliances

Appliances are the most important things to be set in the kitchen. Those are supportive materials to make the kitchen functional. You can install stainless steel refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and other modern appliances to support a contemporary life of the home owner. For the accessories, as what has been stated above, you can hang an animal head or country hat on the wall of the kitchen. Flowery printed bowls and plates are also able to be hung on the wall. Those will be the best accessories to get the atmosphere of modern country kitchen.

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