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For a kitchen with a spacious area, choose a open plan kitchen design that an increase or a vaulted ceiling. The installation of additional windows and a large center island with seating around it can also help. When the cook and talk to other family members for free and see each other in all areas of the kitchen, a good room can welcoming good atmosphere too. All areas of the enclosure must be integrated naturally.

Open plan kitchen are now common in homes, but that was not always the case. Many older homes have separate bedrooms promoted to iconic designs of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the idea that a room that leads to the next. Decorate these large spaces is a challenge, but you can do by learning simple techniques of design.Open Plan Kitchen Ideas


One of the keys to the success of a decorating open plan kitchen floor is the combination of the two areas visually with the color. This does not mean you have to paint all the walls the same color, but work within a range of colors, so it uses the colors that complement each other. For example, if you go to a feeling of Tuscany, in collaboration with earth tones, perhaps painting the kitchen and living room sage green gold polished. Select the two rooms with the colors and accessories in bright colors for some accents that pop-echo.Open Plan Kitchen Designs The floors, cabinets and countertop are options to connect the color spaces. Press and hold the same soil type in the hallway and do not break with two different layers. If this is not possible to ensure that both areas are near the ground, with the same color. Choose furniture that cut the window of the room and filling out forms, and make sure that the worksheet in the same color palette.


In an open floor plan, furniture options reflect the same style. If you have a rustic kitchen, living room, then you should known to offer some elegant and modern pieces. Make sure your furniture looks as good as in the back of the front. Since there is no wall space on both this configuration, the bank is often pushed against a wall instead of floating, so visible from all sides. Use furniture to subtly define the space. You can create a conversation area for a fireplace that making it the focal point. Arrange stools in a kitchen island or bar, your back to the living room. Get the open shelves and partitions to separate areas to display.

The architectural features

Easy Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room DesignsStimulate flow rooms with members of the same in both. If the ceiling of the room with beams, joists are in the design of your kitchen. Paint or stain and cut list all the work in the same color. If the living room cornice, mirror on the kitchen cabinets. Select Windows in the same style in both chambers. If the living room windows, the sash windows in small plates, the same kitchen window broken. With the same tiles, put both the fireplace and backsplash around. Your new open plan kitchen are done.

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