Orange Kitchen Decor


Orange is always identical with sun or citrus fruits as like orange. Well, summer seems to be perfect season when this color scheme installed to complete home interior decor ideas especially for kitchen. Orange color scheme is actually similar with other color scheme installed in the house. Well, orange color and other colors installed in the house have specific meaning. If pink color has a meaning as romantic color scheme, orange color has meaning as energy, spirit, and fresh atmosphere displayed when it installed on the room in the house such as orange kitchen decor.

Orange kitchen decor seems to be perfect kitchen concept suiting summer season home design concept. This fresh color looks elegant and strong in this cooking area. The concept of orange of course may be combined with other colors so that it looks balance and beautiful at the same time. Orange kitchen basically has similar decorating concept as like other kitchen interior decor ideas. The kitchen furniture arrangement must be similar from one to another kitchen to support the function of this cooking area. Now, let’s check them out and how it can inspire you to decorate perfect kitchen interior in your house.Orange Kitchen

Retro Orange Kitchen Decor Ideas

Retro style is similar with rustic, classic, and country style. This kind of style is available in various rooms in the house such as kitchen. Retro orange kitchen decor is pretty sample of kitchen interior decor in summer. The strong accent is clearly seen on the kitchen wall especially the kitchen wall area. This orange color scheme looks perfect in any kitchen space including small, medium, and large. Now, we will give you little inspiration related to decorate small kitchen with orange kitchen decorating ideas. This small kitchen is decorated under the staircase.

Retro scent in this mall kitchen looks elegant with mixing atmosphere as the characteristic of country kitchen style. Bright orange color scheme is installed on the kitchen wall to form U shaped kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances such as stoves, oven, trash, disk washer, and refrigerator are arranged orderly on the center wall. Stainless steel smokestack is installed in the middle of center wall. There are some unique tiles on the middle of this center wall in dark green and orange color scheme. These unique tiles are arranged as like mosaic to highlight this small retro orange kitchen decor.Brunt Orange Kitchen

Minimalist Orange Kitchen Decor

Orange kitchen decor is also available for minimalist kitchen interior decor idea. Orange color is installed on the entire kitchen wall to contrast glossy white color scheme on the kitchen cabinetry. Narrow kitchen style looks efficient and flexible in this kitchen space. There is a rectangular island placed in the middle right in front of the kitchen cabinetry struck on the orange wall.

Stainless steel material completes this kitchen interior decor with futuristic accent. Smokestack in stainless steel also installed above the electric stove application on the island counter. Open plan makes this medium kitchen looks even spacious instantly. Good air circulation created by the open plan style seems to be perfect installed in this minimalist orange kitchen decor.

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